Designing Your Home Using Technology

Designing Your Home Using TechnologyIt must be exhausting for some of our younger readers to learn about or think about how homes used to be designed. It must be equally exhausting for some of our older readers and customers to continue to learn about the revolving door of technologies and processes that are eliminating time, money and resources for projects as small as minor home renovations and as large as designing and building your entire dream home. All around, it can be stressful to even know where to start. Though technology aims to keep our lives easier, that’s not always the case. You know who you can depend on to ensure that your stress is minimized? The Valley Windows team. We bring you better views through our premium windows and doors, but we also bring you premium advice because we’ve spent decades learning our craft. Looking to leverage technology for your next to-do, here’s our 101 crash course:

First things first, there are a tonne of elements to your home that can be automated or made simpler, but because of the technologies that we have available to us. This article has a great, comprehensive list, but here are the highlights: One of the most popular trends has been built-in speakers, but they’re more than speakers. You can talk to an Alexa or a Google Assistant and learn about your schedule, the weather, and more. Other highlights that will excite those interested in sustainability include smart thermostats for efficiency. Per this article, “You can upgrade your HVAC system by installing a smart thermostat. During a home renovation, sensors can be hardwired directly into the smart thermostat to regulate room temperature automatically.”

3D printing has taken off as a huge trend in today’s environment, and not just for home renovations. But especially with COVID-19 sticking around, it’s great to be able to enjoy one of the most fun parts of the home design process from afar. 3D printing means that you can sit in the comfort of your current home, play around with different options and see exactly how they could come to life. Some will work and some will not – that’s totally fine. But tools like the ones detailed in this article can be helpful with this.

Finally, let’s go back to basics. When you open your computer or smart device, we’re guessing that you immediately visit the internet. There are probably sites and apps that you’re a disciple of, and there are probably new ones that you’re learning about each and every day. More and more, we’re seeing these pop up in the home renovation space. You can design dream rooms, talk to experts from afar about what may or may not work in your space and with your budget, and purchase the items that really will turn your house into a home.

All of the above are great tools, but there’s one that’s missing – giving the Valley Windows team a call or an email! We’re always here to help with whatever you need.