Disinfecting Your Home During Quarantine

Disinfecting Your Home During QuarantineLook at that post title. Did you ever think that that would be something that you’d need to be cognizant of, regardless of owning or renting your home? Well, 2020 is anything but normal, but it has reminded us of many different things that we really should think about as best practices on a regular basis. One of those, that is conveniently especially important right now is cleaning. We’ll dive into all sorts of variations of articles of this topic on the Valley Windows blog, but disinfecting is the key buzzword for today. We always want to take care of our current and prospective customers. It’s why we stood up this blog, because we care about you – regardless of whether we’re helping you with work right now or in the future. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s a wee bit important to disinfect and clean your homes right now, that whole COVID-19 thing, you know? Read on for more information:

General recommendations are on deck first. We recommend that you practice routine cleaning of any surface that any member of your household would touch on a regular basis. We’re talking about tables (especially important with many working from home), doorknobs, anything with a handle, anything in a restroom or a kitchen, electronics and light switches. Invest in a household cleaner (there are SO many that are recommended by different health-oriented and government groups), and be sure that you’re following all of the shared directions. This is a space where you shouldn’t worry about what you’re spending – gloves, other cleaning products, etc., don’t feel bad about spending the extra dollar.

Electronics are a specific game. You’ll want to dig out that manufacturer’s instruction manual and keep it pretty handy. We know that many of our friends and family are taking advantage of the time spent in quarantine to enjoy binge-watching different shows or having the news on in the background. Especially if you have multiple people in your household with different tastes, you’ll want to clean your remotes and other controls on a regular basis. Bonus if you decide to use wipeable covers for all of your electronics. While it may seem like a silly purchase right now, you’ll thank yourself later. That said, if the guidance in any of your manuals isn’t particularly helpful, the Valley Windows team recommends alcohol-based wipes or any spray that has at least 70 percent alcohol. You can use these to disinfect any screen and feel a little bit more comfortable about starting your day.

In general summary, and we’d be surprised if this wasn’t the case already, just ensure that you’re well educated about COVID-19. It’s not fun, it’s not going anywhere, but it is something that you can combat with simple and easy tricks as long as every household adheres to them. The Valley Windows team will always have your back, but it’s nice to be able to provide easy-to-follow guidance, so that you feel a little bit more comfortable, and maybe even excited to head into the holidays.