Doggie Doors for your Home

Doggie Doors for your HomeWe love our families, no matter what they look like – and in many cases, that means your pets. The Valley Windows team has a variety of different ones… they’re furry, they’re scaly, some are completely bald. It doesn’t matter what they look like, research shows the extensive emotional benefits that pets can serve for their owners.

For those who are owners, you know the additional stress and worry that they can add. Are they sleeping properly? Did I feed them enough? Do I have to take them out again? And for the very small pets… did it get out of its home again?! Regardless of the size of the pet, there is a piece of this that the Valley Windows team wants to provide counsel on today, and that’s access to your home. Granted, this is dependent on your style of home. If you live in an apartment on a high floor in a metropolitan building, then this advice is most likely not for you. However, if you live in a more suburban area or have any sort of fenced-in yard, have we got some tips for you. A lot of the information that we share on the Valley Windows blog is information that you should either have already been aware of or that we’re excited to share with you. This falls into both of those categories:

If you’re house hunting and you have a pup or an animal that needs to go out on a regular basis, make sure that there’s a) a pet door and b) that it’s big enough. You’ve already done enough by searching for a home, who wants to immediately embark on a home renovation project if you don’t have to. You can even put it in your preferences, whether you’re using an online search engine or if you’re working with a realtor to save you the time.

The same goes for renting. Again, not very realistic for apartments, but if you’re renting a home, you should still ask the same questions.

If you’ve already bought a home and finally decided to pull the trigger on purchasing a pet, have we got some news for you. Gone are the days of assuming that all doggy doors are the manual sort. Instead, in line with the Information Age, there are all sorts of models that are technology-driven. Now you can even partner your dog’s microchip and the door will open automatically for him or her.

Another fun fact is that these don’t just need to be integrated into doors. Windows and wall panels work just fine as well, as long as you know exactly where your dog is coming from and where it’s going. (Hint – make sure that your backyard or whatever exit is properly fenced).

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind anyone looking to explore this addition to your home, you will still need to educate your smaller friend. While we’re certainly not experts in this area, we know that there are many resources in your area. With all of these tips in place, your pet will be able to explore the great outdoors and get home safely.