Dream Home Building Blocks: The Garage

Dream Home Building Blocks: The GarageWelcome back to the Valley Windows blog! We hope that you and your loved ones are finding ways to keep yourselves occupied (and hopefully sane) as we navigate the new normal. While things are changing day over day, you can always depend on constants like the Valley Windows blog (and our ability to give you a better view through our premium windows and doors). It’s our continued refrain because you should not only have routines to depend on, but content (especially online right now) to look forward to. We’ve heard wonderful responses about many of our blog posts, but there is a continued vein of enthusiasm when we look at your house as a whole. You get excited because you’ve checked off the major decision about whom to work with on your windows and doors – but it doesn’t stop there.

You can only imagine the number of homes that we’ve seen – rectangle, square, circle, glass, wood, on the sea, in the middle of an urban area – you can’t stump us. And for the Valley Windows team, we’re not just there to check the box and head on our way. We love seeing where our windows and doors fall into the greater scheme of what your dream home looks like. We’ve picked up a tip or two here and there and that’s where the Dream Home Building Blocks series evolved from. Today, we’re tackling a unique area of your property – the garage.

Some of you may not even have a garage, they’re definitely an architectural fixture with certain types of homes. Some of you that have a garage may not have any vehicles to store in it. Regardless of the scenario, there are building blocks that you can keep in mind so that you’re using the space as best as possible.

Have a car? Then this “choose your own adventure” is going to take this path:

  • Ample space should be assumed, but we’re talking about front, sides and back – no matter the size of your motorized vehicle. Whether the purchase of the vehicle came first or the purchase of your home came first, take accurate measurements.
  • Invest in a good garage door opener as well. As lazy as it may sound, if you have a programmed or electric one that you can operate from your car, your stress levels will drop continuously.

No vehicle to store? You just opened a massive amount of multi-purpose or storage space up for use:

  • The biggest and most important building block here is a plan, but a flexible one. We shared that this space is multi-purpose intentionally because you can use its design as a project every few years. Ideas include a home-gym, a Zen space, somewhere where you or a fellow housemate can escape and lounge or a workshop for a specific hobby.
  • Cleaning products are another necessary building block. No one wants to hang out in a dirty garage space – in fact, it takes more work than other areas of your home, because garages are historically less ventilated.

It may sound like a short and sweet list, but it should only serve as an incentive to reach out with questions, ideas, or ways that you build the different areas of your home!