Dream Home Building Blocks: The Kitchen

Dream Home Building Blocks- KitchenWe talk about “building blocks” or “pieces of a puzzle.” Most of the time, we’re not building a new house or finishing that 5000-portrait of a fish that you swear you’re going to complete one of these rainy Sunday’s. (That said, we’re betting you have a few extra rainy Sunday’s stockpiled now. If you need an extra incentive to get after that puzzle or another hobby… consider the Valley Windows team your motivators). No, today, we’re referring to building blocks in a metaphorical way. The same way that that last piece of the puzzle would complete the picture, building blocks help compose and pull together something really special.

While we love the windows and doors that give your home a better view, we love the other parts of your home as well. We know that you put effort and compassion into the way that you design different rooms, but sometimes that can be difficult to do. You’re working with a blank slate and that can be overwhelming. Do you base everything off of one piece of furniture? A colour for the walls? A different type of flooring? Hey, there are no wrong answers here. In fact, there are people (right here!) that are here to help. Read on for more information:

We’re focusing on the kitchen in this post, the perfect place to gather and be social. Or social distance, if you’re getting creative. And the thing about kitchens, whether you’re purchasing a new home or moving into one that’s been tenderly loved, is most of the equipment and machinery is already in there. Kitchen remodels can be expensive, but as with many expensive things, they’re solid investments if done right. Here are some of our favourite building blocks that you can use as inspiration for your next project:

The walls – yes, they’re there, but now you can determine the vibe and feel that the room has, based on the wallpaper or paint colour that you choose. You can go with a sunny yellow, you can go with a calming blue, you can go with a white that helps open up space or a funky pattern that brings you joy. If you’re not looking to take on the whole room, think about designing and constructing a backsplash as an accent behind your sink or cabinets.

Countertops – countertops don’t have to be uniform and they don’t have to be completed all at once. And best of all, they can be done by you, for less time and money than you think. Take advantage of sites like Pinterest and blogs to spot trends that you like and what will look best in your space.

Fixtures – fixtures can cover a whole host of things, but in the context of your kitchen, we bet that you’re looking at doorknobs and cabinet handles among other to-do’s. This is the least expensive building block, but be careful, you may end up spending far too much time in the store with all of the available options.