Dream Home Building Blocks: The Living Room

Dream Home Building Blocks The Living RoomYou stumbled upon the Valley Windows blog on an especially special day. They tend to all be – we love what we do, we’re prolific at providing you a better view with our window and door products and we’re blessed to work with the best customers and team around. Sap fest aside, it’s great when we’re inspired to kick off something new, like a new series of content right here on our Valley Windows blog. It’s our way of continuing a story for you – encouraging you to come back and learn more and more about what we can offer you. That doesn’t stop at products, that continues at all of the information-sharing you can handle.

With all that said, we thought it would be a cool opportunity to walk you through your home and the best ways to design different rooms. It can be stressful to think through what furniture to pick, how to decide paint colours, which ways to rotate key components of the space, and more. Well, not the case when you work with Valley Windows. We’re starting things off with the living room.

The living room is by default a very social space. It’s where many get-togethers take place – big or small. It’s one of the most popular ways to kick off a conversation with our team because you know you want your living room to have the best windows around. They may provide a view to the street or a view to your surrounding landscaping, but when they’re designed with the love and expertise that we provide, you’re already elevating the value of the room. Here are some of our other tips:

1. Space your furniture so that the living room can be used in a variety of ways. You want it to be comfortable and cozy enough so that you can lounge by yourself or with a few loved ones, but you also want to allow enough space for more visitors if you’re having a party or an event.

2. If you’re going to put a television in the room, think about where the sun will be throughout the day. You don’t want any glare bouncing off of the screen and you want to be able to see the image on it (so no direct sunlight right behind).

3. Have fun with accent pieces, but don’t overthink what your colour scheme will be. Furniture and décor shopping can be overwhelming. But, if you stick with classic neutrals that will last for years to come and then focus on having a good time with pillows or art, your space will look both contemporary and timeless.

4. Mirrors open up the space. We’re partial to windows, but sometimes you can’t help the square-footage that you’re working with. In this case, strategically placed mirrors can make even the smallest area seem twice as big. The same can be said for lighter wall colours – fun fact – these are also known to boost your mood since they simulate the feeling of natural light!

Questions? Reach out to the Valley Windows team. We’re here to help.