Embracing Nature with Glass-Panelled Sliding Doors

Embracing Nature with Glass-Panelled Sliding DoorsIf you live in an area surrounded by nature or are planning to build a house with a picturesque view, you might be wondering how you can take full advantage of your surroundings. One of the most popular ways to get an unbroken view of your home’s surroundings is by installing glass-panelled sliding doors in your home. In this post, we take a look at what exactly sliding doors are and how you can make the most out of them.

What are Glass-Panelled Sliding Doors?

Although sliding doors can come in all shapes, sizes and forms, glass-panelled sliding doors are a unique type of sliding door. They typically consist of a frame surrounding a large glass panel. Many homeowners choose to install floor-to-ceiling glass-panelled sliding doors instead of solid walls in their living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas. The glass panels allow you to enjoy clear, unbroken views of your home’s surroundings.

Sliding doors also provide you with access to your patio, balcony or yard with minimal interference with your living space. Unlike traditional doors, they do not open inward or outward. Instead, they open by sliding from side to side. The unintrusive nature of sliding doors also makes them an excellent option for homeowners who want to maximise the use of their limited space. With a sliding door, you can place furniture much closer to the door than you would be able to with a traditional hinged door.

Choosing a Style: Timber or Aluminium Sliding Doors

When you choose to install a sliding door, you also enjoy the benefit of having a variety of different styles to choose from. Two of the most common materials that homeowners choose for their sliding doors are timber and aluminium. Both materials are functionally the same, and you can enjoy a high-quality sliding door regardless of which you choose, although there may be some slight aesthetic differences.

Timber Sliding Doors

Timber sliding doors are a great choice if you want to add a rustic feel to your home. Compared to aluminium sliding doors, they also tend to be slightly cheaper due to the lower cost of timber. Moreover, if you use good quality, treated wood and maintain it properly, you won’t need to worry about the deterioration of your door frame over time.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Compared to timber, aluminium is a much more durable and corrosion-resistant material, making it a popular choice of material in many industries. Aluminium sliding doors can give your living space a modern touch and require minimal maintenance on your part.

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