End of Year Checklist for Your Home

End of Year Checklist for Your HomeAnd just like that… 2021 was almost in the books. As ever, one with wins and losses, opportunities, and challenges. We won’t pretend that this year was easy. In fact, it was one of the toughest we’ve had for many reasons. It was tough for our employees; it was tough for many of our friends in the industry and it was a challenge to navigate because the Valley Windows team always wants to come out on top and always wants to provide you with a better view.

Well luckily, with the help of the best customers around, we still managed to succeed at the last one. As a very small token of our gratitude, we want to set you and your home up for success today – thinking ahead to the early days of 2022 and the best ways for you to wake up without stress, knowing that your home is ready to roll into the best year yet. Here are our recommendations to check off your list:

Let’s check off the most annoying thing first… anything to do with money and finances: Sure, it was potentially a bit easier to budget how to pay for the house itself and costs associated even with closing. But the second that the keys are handed to you doesn’t necessarily mean that your days of budgeting are over. In fact, it’s a really great and satisfying exercise timed to the end of the year to think through how much money you should set aside for the next 365. This nest egg can be for the big projects that have been on the back of your mind, but it can also be for any fun projects that come to mind on a whim – just make sure that you know the difference.

It’s also time for a bit of spring… err, winter cleaning. Just take an afternoon with your household and make the place a great one for you to ring in the New Year. This is one that’s surprisingly cathartic – you’re essentially sending the last year out and bringing in a new, fresh slate of possibilities (and not having to clean after any potential New Year’s Eve shenanigans).

Now is also a good time to fit in those last-minute appointments with any contractors, electricians, pretty much anyone who can check the systems and tools in your home. The last thing anyone wants over a holiday is for a fuse to blow or anything of that nature. Just remember that they’ve probably built up their schedules quickly, and also want to spend time with their families, so look for those first couple of weeks in the New Year for anything that you don’t think can wait.

Above all, enjoy this holiday season. We enjoy working with you and look forward to doing so in the year ahead. Happy 2022. May this next year be the best yet, but not as good as any of those that follow.