Essential Tips for Childproofing Your Home’s Doors

Essential Tips for Childproofing Your Home’s DoorsChildren are often very inquisitive and love exploring their environments. However, this also means that they can be susceptible to accidents and injuries if left to their own devices unsupervised. Because of this, childproofing your home is essential if you want to ensure the safety and well-being of your children. Childproofing can entail many different elements but in this post, we’ll be focusing primarily on how you can childproof your home’s doors for the best effect.

Understanding the Risks

To effectively childproof your home’s doors, you must first understand the risks associated with doors for children. For starters, a common type of door-related injury or accident is finger pinching or crushing. This can occur when a child’s fingers are caught in the hinge or door jamb when the door is closed, causing them to get pinched or, worse still, crushed.

Other common door-related risks can also include unsupervised access and slamming doors. If the home’s exterior doors are left unlocked, children may be able to easily leave the house unsupervised, posing a significant danger to their health and safety as they may get into a traffic accident or get lost. Heavy doors that slam can also cause serious injuries to children if they are hit by the door.

Types of Childproofing Solutions

Given the broad spectrum of possible injuries and accidents that can occur with doors, it is crucial for you to install childproofing solutions for your home doors. Some more popular childproofing solutions for doors include:

Door Locks and Latches

Door locks and latches can help you to keep your doors secured in the open or closed position. This can help to reduce the risk of your children being able to exit the house unsupervised especially if they are unable to reach the locks. Latches for when the door is in an open position can also help to ensure that the door does not accidentally slam shut when bumped into or when the wind blows.

Door Guards and Finger Pinch Guards

Door guards can also be used to prevent your doors from slamming shut and stop doors from closing completely, leaving a gap to protect your children’s fingers from crush injuries. At the same time, finger pinch guards installed on the hinge side of the door can prevent fingers from being caught and pinched when the door is closed.

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