Essential Winter Maintenance for Your Timber Framed Windows and Doors

Essential Winter Maintenance for Your Timber Framed Windows and DoorsWinter is here, and as tedious as it sounds, it’s time to start thinking about those repair jobs that ensure the house stays standing through the cold, dark months. Timber framed windows and doors are often overlooked when it comes to home maintenance, which is strange given that they are the main protective barriers between the interior of the house and the outside world. Guaranteeing that they are in tip-top condition will secure your home against burglars and predators, as well as shielding your family from the harsh winter elements.

Step 1: Visual Inspection

Examine the condition of all timber windows and doors in your home. Pay particular attention to any older frames or fittings, as they can deteriorate rapidly over the course of a year. Warning signs to look out for include crumbling/decaying frames, evidence of termites, loose or damaged fittings and cracked window panes. Check that all handles and locks are in full working order.

Inspect the glass for any cracks or scratches. If your timber framed windows and doors are double glazed, check for fogging between the panes, which could indicate a problem with the seals. Also, check for condensation on the interior or exterior of the window surface as it can be a sign of ventilation issues.

Step 2: Repair or Replace Any Damaged Fittings

It may be as simple as tightening a few hinge screws, or as complicated (and costly!) as replacing a door lock. Give each fixture a spray of lubricating solution to help it withstand the cold weather and eliminate any squeaks and creaks.

Step 3: Replace Any Broken Glass

Cracked window panes will drastically increase your energy bills over the winter months. This means that it is vital they are replaced as soon as possible. Many people attempt a quick interim fix with insulation tape, but this does nothing to stop air getting in, and it also leaves the glass vulnerable to shattering in windy or cold weather.

Step 4: Get Cleaning!

Wipe down the glass, frames and doors with a clean, damp cloth. If you are using a cleaning solution, ensure that it is non-abrasive and suitable for use on timber framed windows and doors, as well as glass. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt that lifts, and the number of spider webs you encounter!

Step 5: Weatherproofing Timber Window Frames and Doors

Timber window frames and doors require annual treatment with weather resistant paint to ensure that they maintain their strength and integrity throughout the year. Although this is a job best done during the summer, it’s never too late to get the paintbrushes out. Every time you treat your wood, you are protecting it from the elements and postponing further deterioration. Weatherproof paint comes in a range of colours, so you will be brightening up the façade of your home as well as prolonging the life of your timber framed windows and doors.

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