Everything You Need to Know About Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Floor-to-Ceiling WindowsWhen you think of modern home designs, chances are that floor-to-ceiling windows will come to mind. Designing one side of a room to have tall and wide windows can provide spectacular views and lets in plenty of natural light. Additionally, homes with floor-to-ceiling windows may also sell better on the market because of the open feel and well-lit rooms. In this post, we look at everything you need to know about floor-to-ceiling windows.

Are Floor to Ceiling Windows Considered Custom?

Floor-to-ceiling windows typically comprise a combination of fixed and awning windows. Most panes do not open, but some will open to allow you to ventilate the room. You can also combine tall windows with aluminium sliding doors or timber bifold doors. These doors can be just as minimalistic and allow as much natural light to penetrate the room as the rest of the wall.

Typically, floor-to-ceiling windows must be adjusted to fit the dimensions of your room. Depending on what combination of doors and windows you choose, the size of each pane can vary. Because of this, floor-to-ceiling windows are typically considered custom windows.

How Much Do Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Cost?

Floor-to-ceiling windows often receive treatments to be more energy-efficient or provide more privacy. You can buy windows with UV filters, glazing, double-pane, and other options.

The cost of floor-to-ceiling windows depends on many factors:

  • Window height
  • Material of the framing
  • Window treatments like glazing, securing, and filters
  • Difficulty of installation

Because these factors can cause the price of your windows to vary considerably, it may be best to speak with a custom window manufacturer to get an accurate estimate.

Different Styles of Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows don’t have to be simplistic. There are several styles to choose from besides the “window wall” effect that might seem insufficiently unique. Here are some examples of how versatile these tall windows can be and how they can fit many architectural styles:

  • Geometric, Angular Windows: Easy to install and to match with the rest of the architecture, rectangular or square window walls are the most popular option.
  • Arched Windows: You can enjoy a flood of natural light and a classic, elegant look by choosing arched floor-to-ceiling windows for your house. They can range from beautiful art nouveau pieces to intricate gothic windows with plenty of framing details.
  • Bay Windows: It can be very satisfying to have a quiet space where you can curl up and read in natural light or admire the view. Bay windows let you feel immersed in the outdoor scene without any distractions.

Worth the View

Floor-to-ceiling windows come with numerous benefits and can add value to your home for the future. They offer expansive views, have options for high-energy efficiency, and are customisable for privacy and security. If you are looking for custom windows in Melbourne or the surrounding area, Valley Windows can help! Our team will be happy to discuss your project in detail and give you the best options for your needs, budget, and time frame.