The Evolution of Consumers and Smart Home Products

The Evolution of Consumers and Smart Home ProductsYes, yes, we live in the age of smart homes. We can’t be told it enough (seriously… it seems as though every advert we see these days is showcasing it), and it can’t be shared enough with those that are kind enough to visit our blog. The Valley Windows blog doesn’t stop at windows and doors – even though, that’s what we’re really good at – it’s just a small part of what built our business. What would a house be without quality windows and doors? What would a business that creates quality windows and doors be without the rest of the parts of the home? We know, it’s a conundrum, but the great thing is that the Valley Windows blog will always answer every one of your questions. Today, we’re starting a conversation about the different types of consumers that we see and how they look at purchasing.

We have to start with you – the consumer.

Did you know that there’s more than one consumer type? According to Harvard Business Review, there’s not one, not two, but eight. They include the following:

1. Creative homebody – This is someone who wants to create a really special experience in his or her home.

2. Active urbanite – This describes you if you’re the one that resets from his or her busy day with technology at home.

3. Personal organization – This one may seem pretty obvious, but technology and such help this personality stay in tune with their day-to-day lives.

4. Those that are reluctant to adopt – This audience doesn’t like trends in design and products immediately but will when they have to eventually.

5. The drone parent – This sounds negative, but it’s not. This parent is all about safety and routine.

6. The fun-loving parent – Equally, not a negative descriptor. This audience wants to use technology together for memories, “Sunday funday” is one example for parents and homeowners these days.

7. The luxury spender – This group can be a prime target for many markets as they don’t mind spending a bit more money. Are you someone that wants to be seen as an expert or have the best, first? You may fit into this group.

8. Lastly, we have the family connectors. This group wants full social connections. Per the same article, “I post to Facebook every day to stay connected to friends and relatives.” Frequently, our most technology-forward products speak the most to this audience.

Once you assess what kind of consumer you are, we can help you understand the way that you shop and best of all – the types of windows and doors that work best for you. In our next post, we’ll look at the history of smart products in your home, and then – the future!

Questions? Comments? Let us know. We can’t wait to hear!