February Home Renovation News

February Home Renovation NewsThere are a lot of things that we look forward to every month. Dependent on the season, it may mean a holiday, it may mean a cleaning spree, it may mean a complete change of apparel given a drastic change in temperature. All of those things excite the team at Valley Windows, but not as much as a series that we like to share right here on the Valley Windows blog. If you’re been around for a while, you know that the Valley Windows blog is a really vital piece of our business. It’s our opportunity to share all of the news, the tips and tricks, the stories of our business that we know that you’ll find valuable. The blog is an integral part of our strategy to offer you a better view through our windows and doors. When we’re equipped with the right knowledge, there is no reason why we shouldn’t share it with you. In that spirit, let’s kick off our monthly instalment of our favourite finds on the Web this month:

Home Renovation Experts Warily Optimistic About 2019’s Market

We’ll start with a downer, but important information nonetheless. Any homeowner should be able to make all the right informed decisions, and sometimes that means the information that’s a little bit more tactical, a little bit more boring. Yes, we’re talking about finances and money. 2019 is already seeing a downturn in the housing market and there are a few reasons why. That doesn’t mean that experts aren’t optimistic, and there’s good reasoning there as well. Read up on these, they can influence the right time for you to not only buy or sell a home, but explore the different renovations which will add value to your current. Read more about it here.

Planning ahead is a best practice that we can’t preach about more highly. This means finances (don’t worry, we promise, we’re done on this front for today), timelines and your actual vision. That’s probably the most important and the most exciting part. After all, why would you want to put in the investment if there’s nothing to look forward to? We’re lucky to live in a day and age where technology plays such a key role in making our lives easier. This is apparent in this article, taking a look at 3D modelling and the ways that it can help enhance the vision of your dream home. Read more about it here.

Ecological Landscaping: A Guide To Sustainable Lawns And Landscapes

A round-up of online news wouldn’t be complete without an article or two that champions our love of sustainable building and designing practices. You see it in our windows and doors, and you should always see it in the way that we run our business. We strongly believe that there are so many options out there that help you out and help the environment out. Bonus? They frequently help your wallet out as well? This article reinforces this. Read more about it here.

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