Feeling Grateful This Holiday Season

Feeling Grateful This Holiday SeasonThe Valley Windows team is truly blessed to feel grateful every day. We’ve dropped every cliché in the books on this blog over the last number of years, but they’re all true and today, we’re grateful to fully be in the season where we’re allowed to amplify our thanks and gratitude.

It’s been a year – per usual. One of these days, we’ll learn to stop using terms like that, but 2021 is not it. We saw very low lows for the world with the COVID-19 pandemic and many other disheartening events throughout the last 365 days and conversely, we saw many heartwarming and motivating events and updates – especially specific to the Valley Windows team.

This year we were able to continue to push the boundaries as to what we could achieve. Could this window style work there? Does that placement of the door really make sense? We saw leadership and drive from our seasoned employees on the team, who have been able to continue to reduce the time it takes to provide you with a better view. There is something so special about employees who have chosen to stay with the Valley Windows team for decades, knowing that every year they’re pushing themselves to be better and better and ensuring that we remain the best choice for you. Complacency is not a word that you’ll hear around our workspaces or onsite, those that have been with us longer and longer both know that that’s not an option and also don’t want it to be. They crave a challenge and luckily, we’ve been able to provide that as we work on more unique properties in different areas.

You also have our newer employees and it’s both thanks to our seasoned vets and our newer employees’ hunger to learn that we’re adding more dynamic solutions to the challenges and opportunities that our customers are bringing to us. We’ve added more and more perspectives to problem-solving and it’s been really special this year to watch our team learn and grow together.

And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our gratitude to you – both the customers that we’ve worked with in the past and hopefully the customers that we’ll work with in the near future. It’s thanks to you that we get up in the morning (sometimes the very early morning) and have a smile on our faces when we go to work. We are so fortunate to work with the best community of customers around – you trust us with something so important, you listen to our thoughts and especially this year, you’re always happy with the work that we do. You drive us to be our best, and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish in the year 2022.

More time to come this month, we’re not signing off on 2021 yet, but the Valley Windows team thought today’s blog post should be about our most important work asset – our people.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season ahead.