A Few Reasons to Consider Installing Window Security Film

A Few Reasons to Consider Installing Window Security FilmGlass is undoubtedly a great material for adding visual elements to your home, but it is also the weakest feature of your home’s structure. It is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, but glass won’t do much against would-be criminals or powerful storms. Window security film can act as a protective shield for your windows while maintaining their stylish appeal and seamlessly integrating with the exterior of your home.

What Is Window Security Film?

Security film enhances the resilience of regular glass by strengthening it. The first generation of window film was made back in 1966. At the time, it was dye-based and contained a mist-deposited aluminium coating. These days, window security film is made of one or more layers of polyester laminated with special adhesives. The film can be anywhere from 4 mm to 15 mm thick or higher in cases that require customization.

How Security Film Protects You

Once you’ve applied security film to your windows, your house will be more resilient to natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes and tornados. Strong wind can pick up stray items and smash them against your window, potentially hurting someone inside. Security film will allow the glass to take more powerful impacts without shattering.

Other Benefits

Window film won’t prevent a determined burglar but can slow them down significantly. Once the glass breaks, it is still held together by the thick layer of film, making it a burglar’s nightmare. Furthermore, window security film can keep your children and pets safer by minimising damaging UV rays and improving privacy.

Types of Window Security Film

Here are some of the different types of window security film available:

Shatter Guard Films

These types of films offer what their name suggests, shatter-proofing. Windows are coated with a thick layer of film, holding the glass within the window frame even after it shatters.

Frosted and Mirror Window Films

These are two different types of window film with generally the same function. Both mirror and frosted films provide more privacy for homeowners. Additionally, they also work as insulators, maintaining the inside temperatures.

Sun Protection Window Films

Sun protection window films create a barrier between you and the harmful UV rays. It lets in the natural light and reflects the sun’s heat and damaging rays away from your home.

Cost of the Upgrade

While upgrading your windows with security film can present an added cost, it is still cheaper to do so than to replace your windows altogether. Security window films cost between $8 and $20 per square foot. In contrast, replacing standard-size windows is expensive, costing between $300 to $1,000. This means that it’s often more affordable to install window film instead of replacing your windows altogether.

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