Glass Bridges from Around the World

Glass Bridges from Around the WorldToday, bridges are not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of futuristic designs. However, there are some bridges that still serve as fantastic examples of the progress we are still making in architecture and construction. The most modern structures reinvent and improve upon architectural concepts that have been around for millennia.

Glass skywalks that complement grand natural structures are some of the most beautiful bridges in the world. These transparent paths offer a unique experience to visitors, regardless of their climbing experience. In this post, we take a look at some unique glass skywalks from around the world.

Tianmen Mountain Skywalk

One of the most famous and impressive mountain skywalks hangs 1.4km above ground on the breathtaking cliffs of Tianmen Mountain in China. It has three glass sections with panels over 6 centimetres thick, making it appear fragile despite being very durable.

Aiguille du Midi Skywalk

Translated to the Needle of the Mid-Day, this structure offers visitors a panorama view unobstructed by edges, walls, or even floors. It is the highest attraction in Europe. Since it opened in 2013, Aiguille du Midi has given countless visitors the wonderful feeling of floating above Mont Blanc.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon is already one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Its horseshoe-shaped skywalk has a thick glass floor that lets you admire the 1200-metre drop below. It’s so strong that it even can sustain the weight of 70 Boeing 747 aeroplanes.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Another Chinese attraction only 85 km away from the Tianmen Mountain glass bridge, the Zhangjiajie skyway, is currently the longest glass bridge in the world. It’s 460 meters long and crosses a green valley 300 meters above the ground. The thick glass panels are even durable enough to withstand being hammered with a sledgehammer and being driven over by a car.

Glacier Skywalk

Admire this stunning glass skywalk the next time you visit Canada’s Jasper National Park. It’s possible to get an amazing view of the Rockies thanks to this solid glass bridge that extends over the cliff in a semi-circular shape. The structure itself is a perfect example of prime engineering. The builders used over 400 meters of glass sheets and cantilevered steel to hold everything in place and ensure that it could withstand the weight of tourists.

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