Glass Ceilings in Homes

Glass Ceilings in HomesEven the title of this blog post was a bit of a challenge for the Valley Windows team because it has so many meanings in the business development space. We’d be remiss as a company that completely and absolutely celebrates and supports each of our employees and partners – no matter their background or anything associated. That’s a huge part of the Valley Windows team ethos – the emphasis on listening and learning to not just our customers – prospective and current – but also our employees… those who put in the long hours to provide you with a better view, no matter what your property looks like. We’re passionate about learning and we know that that is just one piece of the puzzle in the reason that we’ve been able to be so successful in exactly what we do.

Not to diminish that, but there’s a reason and a namesake, for lack of a better term, when it comes to the glass ceiling. It bears a lot of importance in different capacities, but today’s post celebrates the inspiration that it’s provided dozens – if not hundreds of designers and architects who have integrated glass ceilings into the designs of their homes.

Why? It’s a solid question. Glass ceilings allow all of the light possible into a space and that can be both a blessing and a curse if you don’t do the proper homework. You don’t want a glass ceiling on a room in an area where that room is blasted with hot and intense sun all day and you’re intending for that to be an office space or you, a spouse or your children. Believe us, no work is being completed in that room, much less any successful work. Without the correct contractor, expert consultant and proper pane work, you could even be looking at different sorts of health issues. In a perfect world, we would all wear sunscreen all of the time, but if you’re simply moving between different rooms in your home and then spending a fair allotment of time in the room that we’re referencing, we’re guessing that it’s something that you forget every once in a while. Not your fault, but definitely painful when those sunburns start emerging.

Easy lesson to take away from that, do your homework and work with the experts. Because glass ceilings can be absolutely stunning. They can be stunning if they’re in a room where they then become the floor upstairs. They’re stunning if they’re sloped and become a bit more of a skylight. They’re stunning if they’re in an area that is and (important) will always be heavily treed, so you’re not only getting shade above, you’re getting a wonderful view of the foliage, no matter what the season. (That said, be sure that you’re cleaning the leaves off the roof if you go this route so that your view isn’t quite dead leaves).

We’re sure that we’ll discuss this more thoroughly in future posts as it’s a conversation topic that comes up often, but in the meantime, give the Valley Windows team a call if you have questions and as always, so that we can offer you a better view.