Glass for Kitchen Cabinetry

Glass for CabinetryGlass can be used in all sorts of different ways – all of the materials that the Valley Windows team works with can. That’s what drives us to showcase so many different styles of windows and doors in our showrooms and on our site. They each have unique and exciting characteristics with only one underlying similarity… they’re all designed and shared with you to give you a better view.

So frequently on the blog we talk about the views outside, or even sometimes the views that passersby can see when they peruse the neighbourhood around you. But what about the other ways that you can use glass and our other favourite materials in your home? It’s a loaded question, so we’ll tackle it once piece at a time. Today we’re thinking through glass in your kitchen, specifically cabinetry.

Why Glass Cabinets?

Cabinet glass is used in many different ways, depending on the purpose of the cabinet. You may be storing plates and cutlery, or you may be sharing family photos and memorabilia in an area of the home that’s frequently used by many. Whenever you see a glass cabinet, you’re contributing to the aesthetic of your home and adding an extra decorative element to its design. With the addition of the glass cabinetry, you’re protecting its contents and bonus – if you’re forgetful, you’ll have a better reminder as to where exactly these items live.

Different Styles:

There are multiple different styles that you can look into. There are some designed to be sliding doors, there are also styles that are doors that swing open and closed. There are benefits to both and also considerations. If you have a smaller space, you probably want sliding doors, so they’re not swinging into a space already occupied by other items or people. If you like more of a traditional look, perhaps even framed by wood, the latched glass doors on cabinets are a great way to go.

Types of Finishes:

Once you’ve decided what sort of style of door that you want, you still need to think about the proper finish that makes the most sense for your architecture and interior design. And you have many different options to choose from. Some of our favourites are textured, V-grooving, leaded and sumiglass. Here are some considerations to keep in mind: If you choose textured glass, you’ll be able to appreciate the effects that light has on it. Leaded glass you’ll most likely see often in more modern homes. Sumiglass panels are designed by compressing a range of materials into different layers and then using proprietary technology to meld the panes together in a permanent fashion. Finally, v-grooving incorporates custom engravings, so you really get a sense of decorative glass.

No matter what you choose, adding any sort of glass cabinetry to your space – especially your kitchen in this instance – will help remind you of what a beautiful room it is.