A Guide to Removing Paint from Your Windows

A Guide to Removing Paint from Your WindowsOne of the best ways to freshen up the look of an interior of the house facade is to apply a fresh new layer of paint. Changing the colour scheme of your home can brighten up its appearance, making it look more well-kept.

However, when painting around your windows, it’s hard to avoid spills, brushing outside the edges, or over spraying. Detail work is challenging, and you should expect at least a little bit of mess once you finish. In this blog, we take a look at how you can remove paint from your windows without damaging them.

Prepare or Be Square!

Paint always splatters, so it is important to prepare the area before you paint any interior or exterior walls by covering the frames and glass of any steel or timber windows and doors.

One of the most effective ways to cover your windows before painting around them is to use a liquid mask. Start by brushing it where the windows meet the frame to cover every corner and edge. Once you finish painting, it peels off together with any paint spill or brush-over.

Another solution is to use masking tape and large sheets of paper (such as newspapers) to cover the windows. Masking tape peels off easily and won’t leave glue marks, making clean-up easy.

The Rub and Scrub Method

Even when preparing the area ahead, you can still get some paint marks on your windows. This is not an issue when you use the correct detergents and methods to clean them up. Here are three simple solutions for cleaning paint off your windows:

  • You can use a hot mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water, working your way through the stains with a rag. It is important to soak the paint stains well and rub them until every trace is gone.
  • You can also use the finest grade of steel wool available and rub the stains after soaking them with a mild detergent solution. However, it’s not recommended to use steel wool on tinted windows.
  • If the paint stains and splatters are more stubborn, you may choose to use a solvent. Depending on the type of paint you use, you may need a dedicated solvent. When cleaning windows with solvent, wear protective gear for your eyes and hands before dissolving or softening the stains with the solvent. Then, you can rub them out with a microfiber rag or a #0000-grade steel wool pad.

Can You Use a Razor to Remove Paint?

You might see this recommendation a lot, but cleaning paint off your windows using a razor is not recommended, as it damages the glass. Avoid this method, especially if you invested in tinted, UV-protected, or double-glazed windows.

A Win for Your Windows

Renovating your home is always exciting, but every project needs to be carefully planned so that you don’t damage your structures. Cleaning paint off the windows must be done properly to avoid damage to the glass.

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