Happy Holidays from the Valley Windows Team!

Happy Holidays from the Valley Windows TeamWhat a weird title for a post. Is it just us on the Valley Windows team, or does it seem like 2020 has both been the fastest and longest year ever. We’re also pretty sure that we felt the same way last year, but there’s no way that anything can top 2020.

Here are some of the highlights:

Pause for that. COVID properly impacted far too many businesses both in our area and around the world. We’re very grateful that the areas in which we operate were less impacted than many and that so many processes were put in place to not only keep our customers safe, but also to allow us to continue the work that means so much to us! The Valley Windows team maintains committed to providing you a better view… and if that means working under different circumstances, with different timelines and in cases – different materials, then so be it. The end all be all for us will always be your happiness.

You may have noticed a very positive tone in the above paragraph and we think that that’s fitting as we head into the end of quite a year. We were resilient, you were resilient and challenging circumstances only brought out the best in us. We worked on some of our favourite projects this year – always bringing the best window and door products to the forefront of our conversations with you. We saw the evidence of our passion for what we do and we saw your appreciation for it. 2020, as a year, only made it far more obvious that we love what we do and we’re the best in the area for a reason.

Keeping with the positive tone, here are some of our other favourite highlights from this year:

  • We met more and more of you. Thank you so much for continuing to not only visit the blog, but also to recommend our services to your loved ones. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.
  • We took our time looking at existing products and how we can elevate and expand our inventory. This will always be an ongoing adventure, but it’s been so much fun to read, converse and explore different ways to add the best windows and doors to your property.

The holidays can be amazing, they can be tough, they can be stressful. No matter what, they’ll generate all sorts of memories. You may be meeting with many of your closest friends and family… avoiding that one aunt all evening, enjoying some of the recipes that you’ve been mastering, and perhaps visiting the holiday punch station a time or two. On the other hand, maybe this is a more peaceful year for you… your family may be further away than you deign to visit and so you’re keeping to yourself. There are so many benefits in both and the Valley Windows team is here for you.

Happy holidays from the Valley Windows team. Looking forward to a wonderful 2021.