Happy New Years

Happy New YearsOh, what a year we just had. There were ups (some), downs (a lot) and for most of us… a lot of in-between. It’s in the in-between phases, and honestly all of the phases that the Valley Windows team found the time we did to not only ensure that we remain the best in the industry to provide you a better view, but to improve. We’ve discussed resolutions and the importance of celebrating the end of the year, but now it’s time for a brand new, fresh start.

Fresh starts are great, aren’t they? We love them in every capacity – relationships, jobs, goals, moves… the list goes on and every item is just as important. But today we’re talking about jobs and about life in general. And how prepared, anxious and excited we are for 2021.

We were ready to bid 2020 goodbye as soon as the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve if not before. But this post isn’t about the sad or bad stuff. This post is about seizing this 365 and accomplishing everything that we set out to.

So, what are we setting out to do?

  • We can’t wait this year to connect with you more. We’re going to do it in different ways, more often and with more detail. We will always ask you how often you want to be communicated to. We’ll ask you if you’re a phone person, an email person or maybe even an in-person person. We value and appreciate all of you and we’ll make a concerted effort this coming year to bring you the information that you want when you want.
  • We are excited to get creative about the way that we learn. If you’re a regular visitor to the Valley Windows blog, or even a brand new one, you’ve quickly learned that sharing information is not only important to us, but so exciting. In a day and age where we can’t necessarily go to as many industry events as we want, we have no problem rolling up our sleeves and thinking through unique ways to get the exact same information to you. Challenge accepted. We’re already looking forward to virtual events – conferences, classes, you name it. Get ready, we’re coming for you with all sorts of ways to make your home even better than it is right now.
  • We are thrilled to stop, and think about the bigger picture. That can mean a bundle of different things but there are a few that we’d like to focus on. Our teammates within the company – enough said. The ways that we can get creative when you bring a challenge within your home to us. And in general, our business strategy. January is wonderful, because it literally hands you a whole month celebrating writing resolutions. And we take them pretty darn seriously. The key is to slow down. And think. That’s exactly what we plan on doing.

We’re excited to embark on 2021 with you.