Hard Water and Your Windows

Hard Water and Your WindowsHard water refers to water that is high in its mineral content and it can be found in many different parts of the country. Ordinarily, hard water is not significantly different from normal water and it does not typically have any effect on your health or well-being. However, when it comes to your windows, hard water can have a negative impact in the long term if not dealt with properly. In this post, we look at how hard water can affect your windows and how to manage its impact.

How Hard Water Can Affect Windows

When hard water comes into contact with windows and dries, it often leaves behind a layer of mineral residue. This residue is typically comprised of calcium and magnesium and can build up over time as a whitish stain on your windows. This can lead to decreased transparency of your windows and may also cause them to look dirty despite your best efforts to clean them.

Furthermore, hard water can also have a negative impact on the mechanisms and hardware of your windows in the long term. For example, any seals or weather stripping around your windows might also be weakened by the mineral deposits in hard water, reducing their effectiveness. At the same time, the metal hardware components of your windows may also be susceptible to corrosion by hard water. This can prevent them from operating smoothly, making it more difficult for you to properly use your windows.

Cleaning Hard Water Stains

Unlike normal stains and debris, hard water stains are significantly more difficult to get rid of from your windows. Normal cleaning solutions and detergents are usually unable to remove the stains left behind by hard water and you will need to use specialised cleaning solutions One option for getting rid of hard water stains on your windows is by using a mixture of vinegar and water. The vinegar helps to dissolve the hard water stains so you can easily wipe them off your windows.

Alternatively, you can also use a specialised hard water cleaning solution that you can purchase from most hardware and home appliance stores. When cleaning hard water stains, you may sometimes find yourself having to scrape off the more stubborn stains. When doing so, ensure that you use a scraper or blade that is suitable for glass and windows to avoid leaving scratches on your window after you’re done cleaning.

Consider Replacing Your Windows

If you find yourself unable to get rid of the hard water stains on your windows because they’re too extensive or stubborn, consider hiring a professional window cleaner to help you. If that doesn’t work, then it might be time for you to have your windows replaced.

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