Harness the Sun with Solar Windows

Harness the Sun with Solar WindowsAustralia is known for its sunny climate, and we love the warmth and light that comes with it. Environmental responsibility is something that is being increasingly valued by a growing percentage of people who enjoy the great outdoors but also love the comfort of their homes.

If you want to switch your energy consumption more and more towards sustainable, renewable, and clean sources, you can consider learning more about solar windows and how they compare to solar panels.

Solar Windows vs. Solar Panels

Solar panels are already well-known and have served as a symbol of renewable energy systems for decades. Harnessing the power of the sun makes perfect sense when one lives in a country that enjoys bright sunny days throughout most of the year. Solar panels are often installed on a home’s roof, away from obstructions like neighbouring buildings or vegetation. However, they can be an eyesore for neighbours.

On the other hand, solar windows were invented for their discreet look. They are windows equipped with transparent solar cells, letting the light through while still harvesting clean energy.

Solar Solidarity

Because of the relatively unpredictable nature of harvesting solar energy, solar panels or windows should contribute to a multi-sourced household instead of being the sole energy provider.

3 Benefits of Solar Windows

Solar windows are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because of their unique advantages. Here are some of the primary benefits of solar windows:

  • A discreet solar energy system that will not bother other homeowners or modify the outside look of your home.
  • Solar windows have a slight tint and prevent UV light from entering your home. They contribute to saving more energy by not letting the indoor air get too warm.
  • Solar windows add another layer of privacy and protect your furniture and other beloved items from fading away because of UV light.

How Long Do Solar Windows Last?

Because of the organic films used in photovoltaic solar window cells, solar windows have a much shorter lifespan compared to solar panels. Nonetheless, they present unique advantages in spaces where vertical surfaces are more available. With solar power technology evolving, it’s only a matter of time before solar windows change how we build and power our constructions. Even now, newly installed solar windows can provide you with clean energy for up to two decades at a time.

Are Solar Windows Hard to Maintain?

Solar windows, just like solar panels, do not require much maintenance. Mild detergents and cleaning equipment are all that are needed to protect the sophisticated cells inside the window panes. Never use abrasive tools, corrosive cleaning agents, or pressure washers to clean your solar windows. With regular maintenance, your solar windows will be producing energy for your home for years to come.

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* Image Source:Power Technology