Heroic Stories of Safety

Heroic Stories of SafetyHere on the Valley Windows blog, it’s a main priority to tout the benefits of the products that we offer and the services that we share. But that’s only possible if we paint a bigger picture about the ways that us offering you a better view can keep you safe, comfortable and happy. In the wake of tragedies like that in New Zealand this week, safety inside and outside of your homes remains more of a priority than ever. We want to take a moment to send wishes of condolence and support to each and every family member and friend that was impacted in any way. Please note that you can contribute funds to support, here.

On the Valley Windows blog, we love to share the stories that keep us engaged, informed and passionate about the work that we do. Unfamiliar? We welcome you. As mentioned previously, our goal as a company is always to bring you a better view through premium windows and doors. You can check them all out on our site. Beyond that knowledge, it’s imperative that we set you up for success by information-sharing. Bonus for us if the storytelling is inspiring and reminds us of the reasoning for everything that we do. That’s certainly the case today, as we dive into some of the most heroic stories of safety at home. Read on for more:

The first took place just this past week, when a county deputy rescued an elderly woman from a house fire that broke out in the middle of the night. The house was a ball of fire with the woman trapped inside. Thanks to quick thinking and heroic instincts, the county deputy was able to get in through a window and carry the woman out to safety. “I was just trying to figure out, how many people were in there… That was my main concern. I wasn’t worried about anything else,” he said. As you may have seen, there’s been a global evolution in the way that law enforcement are monitored on the job – including dash cams and body cams. They became a positive star of the show here, capturing the brave moments and the successful end of the dramatic day, on camera. You can learn more about it here.

Think that having your arm broken is painful enough? Imagine then using your cast for human good. That was the case when a resourceful man saw a house on fire. The woman inside was more than 90-years-old and lit a simple candle, intending to have a relaxing evening. This didn’t work out as planned as the candle lit the walls on fire. Thanks to her neighbor, 27-year-old Altavious Powell, she made it out just fine. You can learn more about it here.

There’s one main caveat about all of these, as you see a common theme of the need to break windows to get those inside to safety. While the Valley Windows products are built for durability and strength, they’re all engineered with easy mechanisms and components that allow them to open easily when needed and close just as fast.