Home Advice to Give Others During Colder Weather

Home Advice to Give Others During Colder WeatherThe reason that the Valley Windows team has worked so well together for so long is because we’re all rooted in the same core values. They’ve grown over time, and sometimes we’ve rewritten them to better say what we mean. That’s called growth and it’s something that is absolutely vital to our success in the industry and our ability to provide our valued community of customers a better view. But “customers” is the key word there. As is valued. We care deeply about the neighbourhoods and communities that we’re fortunate to work with, and you’re all people with challenges and opportunities, just like us. When the seasons change, so too do those challenges and opportunities and when the temperatures start to dip, it is our responsibility to regularly sync with you about the needs you have and the ways that you can help each other. Read on for more information:

Cold weather can be brutal and it immediately impacts every facet of the exterior of your home. Two of those are primary parts of our business – your windows and doors. So, how do you prepare these for wind and snow and sleet and rain? Insulation needs to be the buzz word that’s on the top of your mind. When you properly insulate your windows, you’re keeping the cold and sometimes freezing weather out and all of the warm and cozy air inside where it belongs. If you work with a team like the Valley Windows team, you’ll already know that insulation and the right materials are in play, because when we pick out a product to add to our inventory, we ensure that it’s durable 365 days a year. But it’s likely that you’ve moved into a home that already has existing windows in place. And if you’ve already put in the work of purchasing a home, chances are good that you may put certain projects and renovations on the back burner until you get settled.

In situations like this, we recommend to you, and we recommend that you share with others that you should look into insulation materials about three months prior to chillier weather. This gives you ample time to make the right decisions for you and your households. It can be as basic as covering your windows, but we also think that you should look into things like insulated curtains and shades (don’t be worried – they can be fun) or draft stoppers.

Draft stoppers are the star of our post today – a little bit decorative and a lot of bit functional – (and also work for doors), they’re a smart choice no matter what your aesthetic or size of your home. They’re essentially stuffed pieces of fabric that run the length of your window sill. When designed and placed properly, there will be no drafts that can enter your abode. You can ask about them at any local craft store, or if you’re feeling like embarking on a DIY project, the internet is your friend. They can match whatever decorations you already have in place, and unlike shades or drapes, you can still enjoy your beautiful views. Share this tip with your neighbours – new or old – and we’re betting that you’ll be the most popular neighbours on the block.