Home New Year’s Resolutions

Home News Year's ResolutionsNew Year’s Resolutions can be one of the trickiest things to navigate. On one hand, you relish them and look forward to them and see them as a blank slate. We’ve talked about them recently in a post about the best ways to go into the new year… nay, the new decade! But, many of them are cast off within the first month, most auspiciously so due to fitness. We can’t be the best proponents of following your fitness goals, as that’s not our business, but we can incentivize you to make New Year’s Resolutions related to your home. Some may be easy to keep and some may be more challenging, but here are several that the Valley Windows team thinks that you should follow:

Create a Chores Chart: (say that ten times fast). You may have children or you may have a giant group of roommates, or it may even just be you. It doesn’t matter what the size of the property is, there is still maintenance that even on a small scale, needs to be done on a regular basis. Give an incentive to everyone in your homestead to ensure that the place where you sleep is clean and tidy. You’ll feel more comfortable and more rewarded than if you did all of the work.

Take a good hard look at how much energy you’re using. It sneaks up on you. Whether it’s a cold night and you accidentally leave the heat on, or vice versa on one of our famous summer nights – those energy bills will skyrocket immediately. If you take stock of where your energy is going and why you’ll be far less stressed and your bank account will thank you.

Focus on one room and one project. We’re obviously a bit biased because we love our windows and doors so much (they *do* offer the best view in every single room), but experts are saying that the kitchen is really the place to spend your money on this year. Think about it, it’s functional, it’s central and it’s the hub of many of the most important daily rituals that you have with your loved ones. There are some cool ideas on how to renovate your kitchen at this link.

Time to clean. Spring-cleaning can happen at any time of year. We recommend that this is a good time to clean your windows and doors, check all of the locks – but more-so, take a good look at your home and the updates that have annoyed you all year. We know that you’ve probably put them off, so the Valley Windows team is here as your team of accountability partners so that everything is in ship-shape and you have the best year ever.

Questions? We assumed. Answers? We have them. Reach out to the Valley Windows team and we know that we’ll be able to help you out with whatever you may need.