What’s New in Home Renovation News

What’s New in Home Renovation NewsIf you have visited the Valley Windows blog a time or two, you know that we’re enthused by bringing you a better view. Whether that’s through our Louvre windows or our sliding doors, we offer the best windows and doors in the industry. We’ve been able to finesse our craft by keeping a pulse on what’s going on in the industry. We thought it was about time to bring this information to our valued customers, which is why we stood up this blog. We have regular conversations about home renovations, because so frequently our windows and doors are what are increasing the value of your home. We know that when our customers are equipped with the right knowledge, they can make the best decision for their homes. What better way than by diving into the latest and greatest in home renovation news.

Pinterest Launches New Tool to Help Manage and Fund Your Next Home Renovation

This first article will excite those who have ever gone down a Pinterest spiral. You know what we’re talking about… You’re looking up a recipe for dinner and the next thing you know, you’re planning a trip to Iceland because the pins and pictures on Pinterest are so enticing. They’ve got a good business model going, that’s for sure. Well, now they’re launching something new. A tool to help you best design your home and everything in it. You can learn more about it here.

6 Home Renovation Myths to Stop Believing Before You Botch Things Up

This next article serves as an important reminder to all of us as we embark on home renovation projects by ourselves. Of note, it’s not just you – we all go through that feeling that we’re fearless and can do anything. But sometimes, you just need to leave things to the professionals. Or at least read articles like this one, which details “6 Home Renovation Myths to Stop Believing Before You Botch Things Up.” One of our favorites on the list is that you’ll automatically see your money again when you resell. While that can be the case if the job is done right, it’s not a guarantee otherwise. You can learn more about this myth and others here.

Five Ways to Reduce Waste (And Save Money) on Your Home Renovation

It’s an important pillar in the Valley Windows strategy to be sustainable wherever possible. We take a good, hard look at all of the materials that we use, the process that we follow to install and the waste that we’ll leave behind. That’s why this article was especially important to us, taking a look at different home renovations, how to do them well, and how to ensure that you’re limiting your waste after the project is complete. It’s funny the small tweaks you can make throughout your planning to limit your carbon footprint, and we can all do our parts. It starts with the design and continues through the project’s completion. If this sounds right up your alley, you can learn more about this here.

We hope that you found these articles as entertaining and informative as we did. Questions? Comments? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.