Hospitality 102

Hospitality 102Having déjà vu? There’s a good reason why. If you’re a regular visitor to the Valley Windows team blog, then you’re fully aware that we’re looking to make an expansion to the storytelling that we’re currently sharing on our blog. Our premium windows and doors give you a better view – and they do it well, but they can’t do it if the rest of the home isn’t up to the standards of what our current and prospective customers have come to expect.

And that’s a lot. It should be! We’re the best in the business in this area and beyond, and there are so many good reasons why that’s the case. We give you a better view, but we can only give you a better view if you appreciate the rest of the home around you. And when you appreciate your home, you want to share it with everyone around you.

Read on for your next crash course in how to welcome guests into your – perfect – home.

Let’s start with the bonuses and work your way from there. We’re talking about gifts, rewards and incentives for your guests. Yes, we know that staying with you is already the best-of-the-best (or at least it should be), but that’s not where your job stops. Your job is to be the greeter, motivator and inspirator, no matter where you live. Even if it’s in the middle of nowhere, we’re sure that you still have ideas and thoughts about the guests – that took time out of their personal lives – to make it a meaningful trip. Put together a list of places to check out – and equally as important, where to avoid.

Next up… let’s think about the foodie in all of us. We’re all fans of food here, so when you integrate snacks and drinks (especially in the late-night timeframe), we’re sure that everyone will leave with the best possible impression. If your guests are staying in your home, the team at Valley Windows can’t think of a better view (at night), than a snack and a beverage, waiting for them, inside of their room. It can be uncomfortable for guests to venture out of their quarters to check out the kitchen or dining areas – so take the stress out of their hands. Also, know exactly what their favourite foods are, so that you can have them ready. They’ll appreciate it (especially because they’re avoiding the costs of the mini bar), believe us.

Finally, in this series, we’re going for the maximum extra credit. Have you ever been in the situation where you just didn’t have what you needed on a trip (especially an extended one)? A huge hallmark of hospitality is when you plan for this. If you already have a guest area set-up, it can only get better with a basket of the essentials. Examples include shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, razers, etc. You get the picture.

Questions? Comments? Let us know! The team at Valley Windows cannot wait to hear from you!