How to Handle Stuck Windows

How to Handle Stuck WindowsThere are fewer things worse – no matter what the weather is outside – than a window that’s stuck. Spring? You want to enjoy the fresh breeze. Winter? Well, you probably want to keep it closed then, but that’s not the point. You push, you pull, you think you’ve almost got it and suddenly… it’s stuck again. You’ve tried everything, but you know what – you haven’t chatted with the Valley Windows team and that was your biggest mistake. Don’t worry, it’s very easily solved. As always, for those that visit us on a regular basis, you know that we not only tend to give you a better view, we also tend to want to provide you with as much home knowledge as possible. So, let’s go back to our wheelhouse and chat about stuck windows. Read on for more information:

We have a couple of methods that we’ve seen have great success with our customers and as we talk with industry experts:

The first is to break the seal that surrounds the window sashes. It sounds aggressive, but it’s actually easier than you’d imagine. You first wrap a cloth of any sort of material around a block – we recommend wood, we don’t want you breaking anything more than you have to. Again, you’re not throwing this through the window, but you are placing it gently at the frame. Now grab a hammer and tap it. Do the same thing on all four corners – again, not putting too much pressure on it and slowly (and very satisfyingly), you’ll notice that there’s movement.

Round two, since sometimes the above won’t work, especially with older homes. With method two, you’ll want to find a stiff-bladed putty knife and a hammer as this method will take a bit more force. All you need to do is roll up your sleeves, slide the knife into the cracks and then again – gently – hammer it, around all four sides. Now, you’ll want to put a block of wood on the windowsill, a pry bar under one of the ends of the sash and then rock the bar backwards. Repeat these steps and you should have success.

If all else fails, never fear. This method is slightly more intense, and you’ll want to source a utility knife. Find the seal on your window – you may need to cut it. It’s not a quick solution; you’ll want a full afternoon to see it to full success. How does it work? You run the utility knife directly into the cut to break whatever paint seal is there. Then move the sash back and forth – gently (see a theme here?) – so that it is free from the frame. Then, cross your fingers and raise that window!

Like we said, never fear. You have the best in the business on your side and we’re here to answer any questions about giving you a better view – whenever and however you need it. Call, email, stop by our showroom. We’re here.