Intro to Gardening This Season

Intro to GardeningThe team at Valley Windows likes to think about the best ways to not only construct and take care of your windows and doors but to complement and reinforce them as a part of a dream home. There are many ways to do this, but one that we continue to return to on this blog is gardening. Hey, some of us are born with a green thumb, others… well, not so much. But when you know the basics of gardening and landscaping, you can only help properly highlight the efforts that you put into installing the best windows and doors around. We’ll keep things simple:

1. Determine your favourite flowers, herbs, shrubs and fruits and vegetables that you know will make you happy. Remember that these can change every season and often even more frequently than that. In fact, timing is both flexible and very important here, because you’ll want to think a few months or even a whole season in advance. But when you identify the above that you like the best, especially as this first step, it will give you the encouragement to passionately follow the other steps and be happy with the end result.

2. Look at your home as a whole – look at the windows and doors specifically – and determine what makes sense and where. Especially if you’ve invested a lot of money in windows that are larger or doors that are strategically placed, you want to think about the plants that would be in front and or even adjacent. Remember that these plants will grow over time and that they can be unpredictable.

3. Get those tools ready. There are all sorts of great articles all over the internet that simplify this need. There’s no need to have thirty different tools simply to plan a garden bed – in fact, we strongly disagree when this type of advice is given. In order to encourage our current and prospective customers this year to explore and enjoy any sort of landscaping, or even any sort of home renovation project, we want to make it as easy for you as possible. While we love this article, we can minimize this down to the following: garden hoe, scuffle hoe, leaf rake, rake for dirt and hand tools.

4. Ensure that you’re familiar with your soil. There are all sorts. You can learn more here and we’ve talked about it frequently on the blog since it impacts how you can build your dream home. But beyond the foundation of your home, the soil that you have, especially surrounding the immediate perimeter of your home, can have a heavy impact on the success of any sort of landscaping. A quick survey with an expert, (ahem, like most home-related things) we can recommend one, will answer the questions that you have and save you a ton of time and worry in the end.

Follow these tips and reach out with any questions for the best landscaping outside your home.