What to Keep Away from Your Windows Right Now

What to Keep Away from Your Windows Right NowThere’s a reason that the saying “the window to your soul” is so prevalent all over the place. We’re sure that you’ve heard it somewhere. It’s because you see through something transparent to better understand what someone is talking about or who you’re talking to. That said, there are certainly things that you don’t want anyone seeing into. This isn’t a metaphor, in this post, the Valley Windows team is literally discussing what you shouldn’t see through a window. The Valley Windows team is committed to giving you a better view and when we say committed, we can confirm that we will work long days and long nights to make sure that you and your household or business have the very best windows and doors. One way to keep them the best is to keep them safe and clean, so read on for what to keep away from your windows:


This one should come as no surprise and it’s certainly a reiterated fact that we don’t mind sharing over and over again in blog posts. We get that you’re precious about certain objects and the way that you define them is entirely up to you. There is no shame in how you invest your money, but if it is in new objects, we’re guessing that you want to hold on to them. If you want your neighbours to see and enjoy them, invite them over! And make sure that you’re also investing in a proper security system.

Art that can fade

This sort of falls into the “valuables” category, but even if your living room print cost a mere five dollars, it still probably has either sentimental value or contributes to the look and feel of the room – or both! The Valley Windows team loves strategically positioning windows and doors to maximize natural light. There are so many intrinsic and extrinsic benefits. Ultimately, windows increase your value of life – when they’re done right that is. Art can also increase your value of life – driving inspiration, opening your eyes to new schools of thought, kicking off conversations with those that you’re entertaining and generally improving the appeal of the room. With all of those benefits, you’d think that you’d want to take good care of any art that you procure and part of that is ensuring that not *too* much sun hits whatever work of genius you have on display. When you purchase a piece, think through the size, but also think through where you’re going to hang it or display it so that it lasts forever.

Anything to do with family members

It’s heartbreaking that this even needs to be a reminder, but unfortunately – in this day and age it does, albeit a brief and sharp point. Prowlers look for all sorts of things, but an important piece in their puzzle is knowing the profiles of those in the houses that they’re casing. Take this tool away from them by ensuring that you don’t have family photos that may give them more details than they deserve, on display.