Keep it Simple: How to Renovate Your Home

Keep it Simple- How to RenovateIt’s hard to assume simplicity, especially when it comes to your home. In fact, “keep it simple” is rarely advice that you hear from experts in the home renovation realm. You think that it’s this huge investment and so every decision should be comprehensive and grandiose. You’re not completely wrong in this regard. After all, there are dollars involved, time is extensive and your emotions are an undeniable part of it. Well, here at Valley Windows, we know how to keep it simple and do it right. We’re also against assuming that what the industry is doing, we should do. After all, we have decades of experience and are best-in-class at bringing you a better view through our windows and doors. How do we remain this way? We do our research and we stand up things like this blog – the best ways for you to understand and be an expert in everything that’s going on around us.

Today, we’re keeping it simple if you didn’t get the message. And letting you know that just because you want to make some changes or enhancements to your home, you don’t need to break the bank or over-think it. Here are some *simple* home renovations that you can think about adding to your planning for the next year… or five… or ten…

Add a backsplash to your kitchen counters. For those unfamiliar, a backsplash can immediately brighten up any drab kitchen. It’s that tiled (or not-currently tiled) area above your counter, below any cabinets that you have in the kitchen. It’s forgotten real-estate, but surprisingly cost-effective to add immediate value to the space. Need inspiration? Check out this link.

Look at your landscaping. We know that many of us succumb to the pressure that is many home renovation shows on the television today. Per above, we want you to see the information (read: over-sharing) age as inspiration only, not perspiration. That’s why we included your great outdoors on this list. Mix it up by planting new flowers or trees… you may just find that the process is therapeutic. Check out this link for more tips and tricks to navigate.

Paint! If you look at the costs and the labour associated, painting a room, a door, your window shutters, or even a statement wall, can be the best way to cure those blues that come with home design complacency (yes, it’s a thing). Minimal costs, a fun Sunday project and honestly, a great way to bond with your loved ones over a project that’s guaranteed to give you curb appeal, if not generations of memories about the bonding experience. Worried that you’re going to make a mis-step or not know quite what you’re doing, based on the space that you’re updating, check out this link for more information.

We know… you’re hooked. So, check back in to the Valley Windows blog about part two of this story, as well as much more information.