Keeping Your Home Cool in 2021

Keeping Your Home CoolIf you’re reading this and in the general area, keeping your home cool is probably the last thing on your mind. The weather outside will do that for you. We just said goodbye to warm weather, didn’t we? The Valley Windows team has noticed that all of the seasons have begun to blend together. Not just because of today’s landscape or everything that’s gone on in 2020 and into this year, but because we’re so comfortable working both outside and inside – no matter what the weather may bring. It can be a bit disconcerting to some of our customers, as they see us completely disregarding both torrential downpours and snowstorms alike. Our thought process is: whatever gets the job done!

The job we’re referring to is providing you a better view – the very thing that brings light and life into your home. We have the best windows and doors in the industry, no matter what sort of style, shape or size that you’re looking for, for your home or business.

As you can imagine, that means that we spend a fair amount of time outside and it can get quite cold out there. That sparked some interesting conversations between our teammates about the best ways to keep the areas that are above ground nice and cool when it’s just too warm outside and/or… you don’t have any sort of air conditioning. It’s one of those topics that we can’t help returning to repeatedly and for good reason. Read on for more information:

First things first – if you do have air conditioning in any fashion, use it but use it strategically. You don’t want to be surprised by the massive bill at the end of the month, but you don’t want to be so frugal that you’re sweating through your entire week. We recommend that if you have this option, budget at the beginning of the month so that there are no shocks to your wallet.

Even if it’s not built into your home, wall and floor AC units can work just as well, sometimes even better. The same is true for fans above your head. As long as air is circulating, you’re benefitting. Plus, you get a little bit more power this way deciding exactly which direction the airflow is going… hint, towards you!

Windows open are great, but especially if you have screens that can keep any sort of bugs or danger out. Sometimes purchasing screens can be even cheaper than either of the two above options, and you get to enjoy the fresh, clean air outside.

Of course, there are additional recommendations as far as design and décor go. Lighter colors will help air circulate better on hot days, while darker ones soak it in. A tonne of furniture in a space will only make it feel extra stuffy, but if you focus on the pieces that you love, you’ll open up your space and the surrounding circulation.

Now, do you wish it was summer again?