Keeping Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

Keeping Your Home Safe This Holiday SeasonIf there was ever a topic to be adamant about, the team at Valley Windows has no qualms or issues with safety being it. In fact, we have no problem being a broken record with tips and tricks for the best ways to keep yourself safe. We got into this business because we knew that we could offer you a better view, through premium windows and doors. There are a lot of variables that play into this. They include the materials that we choose (sustainable, durable, beautiful), the processes that we leverage (fast, easy, affordable) and the way that we treat our customers (with kindness, respect, transparency and communication). It’s a lot to keep in mind, but it’s what keeps us ahead of the game in the industry.

It should be a time of year for everything happy, but unfortunately many of the world’s thefts happen during the holiday. While unfortunate and disappointing, this is avoidable. It’s avoidable, thanks in part, to the Valley Windows blog. Our blog is one of our favourite pride and joys because it’s the perfect outlet to showcase all of the information that’s so close to our heart. Be it industry-centric or specific to the products and services that we offer, we hope (and know) that our passion for what we do shines through. Today, we’re talking even broader than industry, tackling the best ways to keep your home safe this holiday season. Read on for our best tips and tricks:

Keep travel plans private

We know, we know, traveling to Aruba for the holidays is a big deal. We’re excited (read – jealous) for you too. That being said, not everyone around you needs to know about it. In particular, make sure that you’re keeping your plans off of social media. In this advanced information age, it’s very easy for prowlers and snoops to know exactly when your home will be uninhabited.

Hide your packages

This can be tough, especially if you’re at work all day, but there are a growing number of situations where packages that are left unattended upon delivery are snapped up by neighbours or even those just perusing the neighbourhood. We recommend that you sync with a neighbour if you’re going to be unavailable and leverage alerts on your phone on when they’ll be delivered.

Watch your lights

Though it’s beautiful and sunny for us during the holiday season, that doesn’t mean that our neighbours aren’t still decking the halls with amazing displays of light. While impressive, they can be more dangerous than you may think. If you’re going to be gone for the night, or even more than a few hours, keep an eye on the fuse boxes and know how much energy you’re doing. If the weather is going to be particularly dry and hot, it makes sense to keep the lights off as this is the most popular season for electrical fires.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Valley Windows team would love to hear from you.