Kicking off 2019 with Valley Windows

Kicking off 2019 with Valley WindowsWe said that you were getting a “Happy New Year’s post” and we weren’t messing around. So… Happy New Year from the Valley Windows team! Doesn’t it feel like we were just sharing this sentiment for 2018? Or at least that we were just drafting content to celebrate the holidays and ensure that you were set up for success closing out the last year? It does to us. Maybe that’s a good thing. It means that time tends to fly by when we’re doing what we love, which in our case, is bringing you the windows and doors that will provide a better view and be the backdrop of many of your best memories for years to come. Like watching your son take his first steps. Or helping your daughter say her first words. Maybe it’s seeing your kids grow up into the adults that you’ve always know that they could be, or just appreciating the company and comfort of those closest to you, around you, each and every day.

Sappiness aside, we really mean it. It takes a great deal of passion to do what we do. Yes, it starts with skill. Luckily for us, we’ve put in the decades of hard work, and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. For the team at Valley Windows fully and firmly believes that complacency is never an option. No finish lines, no mountain peaks, no ways to ever call it quits and say that we’ve achieved all that we can. Nope. That wasn’t the case in 2017, it wasn’t the case in 2018 and it certainly won’t be the case in any of the years yet to come.

So, that’s one thing that you can expect. Forward moving progress. We waxed lyrical about it prior to and during the holidays, but it’s a conversation that always bears reiterating. As our valued base of customers (read- friends) and us travel into this next 365, things are only going to get better and better.

They’ll get better first and foremost for you. Materials, processes, if you’re a regular on the Valley Windows site, you know the drill. You know that we (potentially too much) love attending events and conferences that focus on the ways that we can be the best builders and designers possible. You know that we stockpile all of the possible reading materials and stay up late at night, so that when you have questions, we know exactly how to answer. You know that we adore hanging out with each other and with our colleagues at other companies so that we can push each other and be the best that we can for you.

If they’re good for you, they’re good for us. That’s why we know that the year ahead will be the best so far, but not as good as any of the years to come for our team. We’re so lucky to do what we love best, for the brand and company that we love most, each and every day.