Let’s Build a She Shed

Let's Build a She ShedWhat the heck is a she shed?, you may say. It’s a very standard question and one that we had before the Valley Windows team fully wrapped our minds around a) what it is, and b) the value that it can bring for both mental capacity and interestingly enough – home value. Essentially, it’s a variation of a ‘man cave’ and it really doesn’t matter who uses it and how it’s used; it’s a part of the home that provides comfort and relaxation to an important member of your household.

Okay, so we say “shed”, as do many different industry experts, but as we’ve seen in the different homes that we’ve worked on, it does not need to be detached from your home, or a shed, or really anything other than a room.

Here are some tips that will keep the woman or user of the space happy:


Hey, we can help with this! Large amounts of natural light… we can’t say enough nice things about them, nor are they that easy to design. When you work with companies like Valley Windows and we learn the architecture of your home, it’s easy for us to simply recommend different styles of windows and doors that will provide all of the mental benefits you can think of, let you think of your next million-dollar idea as you look out the window and also – be it that the next owner doesn’t use the space in a different way, add all of the value to the bottom line that you were looking for.

Shape and purpose

People use these types of spaces for all sorts of different reasons and we’re here to support that; be it a gym, spa, etc., we talk about these on the site all the time. The key here is how the room is shaped, where we can put in windows, etc. Does it belong in a lower floor? Does it belong in an upper floor? We have solutions for, and we have answers to any questions that are top of mind. The key here is to be prepared and you don’t want to be disappointed if you have a vision in mind and it doesn’t come to fruition.


This is where you really want to have fun, and that’s the entire purpose. In fact, you can make whole experiences out of traversing the areas around you, looking at places like flea markets or antique stores can bring out fascinating stories that bring a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the space. You’ll have something special to share about each piece of art or furniture, and ultimately, this is a place that’s supposed to make you happy and inspire you.

We are a bit partial to the first piece of advice and if you have questions, certainly feel free to reach out and the Valley Windows team will be able to help you out – not just with the She Shed but all of the rooms in your home.