Maintaining Timber Windows

Maintaining Timber WindowsWelcome to the Valley Windows blog! Consider us your one stop shop for all of the information necessary to give you a better view. Part of this is caring for the industry best products that we offer you when it comes to windows and doors. We make it a priority that you’re set up for success with the initial installation, but the relationship doesn’t stop there. We’re passionate about information sharing, so that you have what you need to choose the right product. The goal is that that the product that you choose remains as premium as the initial installation – for life. Today, we’re focusing on timber windows.

Timber windows are a popular choice in this area and beyond. They work with all sorts of architectural styles, work for a variety of budgets and generally take care of themselves. But they do need a little bit of regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Let’s discuss. The maintenance is simple and straightforward. Also of note, it’s not limited to one style of window. Your home is something you should be proud of and every element is going to need some sorts of regular updates. If you follow the below instructions, you’re well on your way!

1. Dust Your Timber Windows with a Dry Cloth

First things first, it’s time to remove any loose dust. Dust your window frame with a dry, clean cloth. Don’t worry about pressure, your window frame can take the scrubbing. You want to remove the top level of grime. Dust up or sweep any excess dust.

2. Use a Damp Cloth and Wash Them with Soap

Now it’s time to get out a second cloth. This one should be damp, and you can apply soap. It doesn’t need to be special soap; regular dish soap is totally fine. If you have soap that is designed specifically for cleaning wood, feel free to take advantage of it. It doesn’t hurt to put down a tarp or plastic sheet on the ground to make sure that the cleanup process is as easy as possible. There will be soapy water running down the frame.

3. Scrub the Frame

The main event. Scrub the frame and you should see your results almost immediately. If not, simply repeat the process. In the process of scrubbing you’ll also be able to determine if there is any current damage to the frame and if repairs are necessary.

4. Check the Frame for Damages

Housekeeping best practices recommend that you check for damages at least once a year. There are a few to-do’s that you should check off when you do so:

  • Examine the handles and hinges. They may need to be treated with a light oil.
  • Clean the ventilators and weather seals and ensure that there is no dust or grime.
  • If you’re cleaning in spring, look for coating damage, open joints and inspect the joinery.
  • If you’re cleaning in autumn, repair any leaks and clear the down pipes and guttering.

Follow these tips and you should be well on your way to caring for your timber windows and ensuring that your home has a better view. Questions? Let the Valley Windows team know.