Make a Focal Point of Your Aluminium Windows

aluminium superlite windowWhen you think of stylish and chic windows, aluminium windows are probably far down on your list of chosen materials. However, aluminium is quickly emerging as the hidden gem of the window world, and it’s easy to see why. Read more about the rising aluminium trend here.

Here at Valley Windows, our range of aluminium windows offer versatility and efficiency, with minimalistic frames that are so unimposing, you’ll hardly even know they’re there. This leaves you with a blank canvas that can be dressed up or down whichever way you like.

Here are 3 ideas to get you win-spired!


Curtains are the obvious choice when it comes to window dressings. However, there is a fine line between in-vogue and disastrous. Many people make the mistake of choosing curtains with bold patterns and strong colours for their aluminium windows, believing that they make a statement while drawing attention to the window. In reality, all they serve to do is drain the light and airiness from the room.

Less is definitely more when it comes to curtains. Light neutral colours are your friend, and if possible, opt for a sheer material. This maximizes the amount of light entering the room, while also offering some amount privacy when closed.

If you need curtains with a heavier material for your aluminium windows, you can always add a voile panel on top for use during the day when the main curtains are pulled right back. The fine billowing material covers the solid block of curtain underneath, thus maintaining the illusion of breeziness.

Create a Frame with Your Furniture

In days gone by, the aim of the game was to keep aluminium windows free from furniture clutter, as people believed it detracted from the area. However, we are much more interior savvy these days, and now we know that some strategically placed furnishings can actually amplify the window and make it pop.

Sofas are your weapon of choice here. For short, rectangular aluminium windows, a sofa placed at the base gives it a platform or stage to stand on. Running a rug vertically from the sofa will give a further visual point to draw the eye along to the window.

For taller aluminium windows that take up more space, sofas placed against the wall at either side of the window give a natural symmetrical frame.

Update Your Window Trim

There’s nothing wrong with the clean lines of plain flat stock trim. However, if you want to spice up your window surround, there are many possibilities to choose from.

Jamb extensions are a fantastic way to add depth, and you can even go as far as creating a window seat that can be adorned with cushions and lush soft furnishings.

Painting the inner rim of the trim is another way to make it stand out. Using a shade slightly darker than the surrounding wall gives a subtle pop, whereas using a totally different colour packs more of a visual punch.

For a more sophisticated appearance, use coving around the window trim. Coving is quick and easy to apply and gives a wonderfully luxurious feel to a room.

We supply and fit our extensive range of aluminium windows throughout Melbourne and the wider Victoria area. Visit our showroom today to see how our selection of superior windows and doors can transform your home!