How to Make Your Windows Pop

How to Make Your Windows PopWhen you hear the word pop, what it does it make you think of? Do you think of excitement and celebration, like the pop of a bottle of sparkling wine? Do you think of a bright colour that grabs your eyes like the pop of a vibrant, red lipstick? Either way, they jolt you to attention and catch your interest.

Here at Valley Windows, we have both experiences and want you to feel the same. We’re passionate about the window products that we’re able to provide to our customers, as well as the customer service that follows. We believe that our window products guarantee you and your home a better view. Part of that is the view that you enjoy looking out at the world, but part of it is what passers-by see, just walking by. Admit you, you’ve been there. If the exterior of a building is unique and beautiful, it’s going to make you stop and look twice. This brings us back to the almighty “pop”. With some simple tips, you can ensure that your windows have it. Read on for more:

Be strategic with your landscaping

As you’re thinking about which plants and flowers you’d like to have around the exterior of your home, take your windows into account. There’s a functional piece and an aesthetic piece to this. You obviously don’t want to block your view, so don’t pick plants that will grow too tall to see in or out of the window. Conversely, if you frame your windows with plants that are a little bit too short, you can skew the perception of the size of the window.

Have fun with shutters and with drapes

If it’s late at night or cold inside, visitors’ eyes will go immediately to your drapes. Choose styles that allow you privacy but allow yourself to get creative. Brightly coloured shutters are a big trend in architecture right now. Gone are the days of only greys and blacks. Instead, pick a bright colour that’s at the other end of the spectrum from your home’s paint. There are some unique ideas here. Bonus points if they match the door.

Take care of your windows

You may have seen the advertisement where glass was so clean and shining that birds continue to fly into it. While comedic, it’s also a sound goal. You’ve already invested so much money into your premium windows; you throw that investment away if you don’t take care of it. Clean your windows regularly and do your homework when it comes to the products that you use. You don’t want to use cloths that could scratch the window’s material. You can also take advantage of professional services in your area that will definitely get the job done correctly.

Have you recently walked by a window that popped? We’d love to hear about it. The Valley Windows team looks forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that you may have.