The Most Secure Windows

The Most Secure WindowsIf you’re moving into a new house or updating a current one, there are many decisions to be made. The Valley Windows team is most passionate about giving you a better view and we do that through premium windows and doors – of which we have many different styles. Our current and prospective customers choose different windows for a variety of reasons, many times with security in mind. Of note, if security isn’t on your mind when it comes to windows, you probably want to add it to the list of criteria. Separately, as we’ve talked about many different times on this blog, these decisions can be overwhelming… something else that we’re here to assist with. Here are some styles of windows that can be most beneficial in the security space:

Casement Windows

The casement style of window style is designed with a single pane that swings outward vertically with the support of an internal gear mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism, you have full control over the range of motion of the window. We’ve seen this style of window work the best in places that are harder to reach, like behind the kitchen sink. The reason that this style of window made the list first is because you can’t crank it from the outside – meaning that intruders will have no way to access your home, as long as you’re smart and you close it and lock it.

Double-hung Windows

The double-hung window is a classic style, and it glides vertically. There are two operable sashes, so you can open one for ventilation. Our customers lean towards this style when it comes to the rooms of smaller children. They’re designed with a lock that holds both sashes in place, but bonus points if you choose an extra piece of hardware on the face of the top sash. How does it work? When a certain tab is pressed, you can move the bottom sash; when it’s extended, it locks in place. It’s not a necessity, but it’s nice to have and you can ask your local hardware store or anybody at Valley Windows to learn more.

Sliding Windows

As the name would imply, this is exactly how this style of windows works – sliding open and closed horizontally, and in some cases, vertically. We’ve noticed that many of our customers love these because they allow you to bask in the views and are also especially valuable during the seasons when you want to enjoy a breeze from the outside. On the engineering side of things, a sliding window will come with a cam action lock, so that the pane that you’re operating from the inside won’t slide back and forth. If you’re looking for extra peace of mind, you can install a burglar bar between the sash and the frame.

There are many more styles of windows that can keep you safe and secure. You’ll learn more about them in future Valley Windows blog posts but can always reach out to us with any questions.