The Most Unique Homes Around the World

most unique homes around the world

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One the hardest, but most important facets of any business that’s looking to push the needle in the industry, is research. No less important and no less of a time commitment is making sure that you’re thinking out of the box. Flexing your creativity muscles pushes you as an individual, enhances your team dynamic and expands your possible reach to prospective customers. Sometimes the ideas are wacky, some make total sense and all of them help propel our business of bringing you a better view – forward. That’s one of the reasons why we love the Valley Windows blog so much. We know that it can be a unique sounding for what we see with our competitors and on the World Wide Web. While once a month, we compile the best of the biz, today’s compilation focuses on a special list – the most unique homes around the globe. Read on for more information.

While it doesn’t allow a ton of privacy, one house in Tokyo is made entirely out of glass. Think of it like a giant dollhouse, with the door swung wide open. It’s literally called Glass House NA , 914 square foot and was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. You can imagine what the number one benefit is? Natural light. This speaks specifically to the team at Valley Windows, because we know how extensive the benefits of light can be for both your physical and emotional beings. It’s located on a street that sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis and has become a tourist fixture to check out and be inspired by.

Here’s a controversial one. You assume that if you’re buying or designing your dream home, you’ll have a few stipulations about the ways to use the different spaces. Space is the key word here. Instead of searching for wide open spaces, the keret House took the unique challenge to build the narrowest home possible. How narrow? We’re not exaggerating. This house ranges between 90+ centimeters and 152 centimeters… in width!

If you trek deep into the woodlands of Pennsylvania in the USA, you’ll be able to relish the great outdoors in more ways than one. Welcome to the “waterfall home.” It was a small parcel of land, so the architects got creative and did so successfully. There wasn’t even a need to design and install a man-made waterfall. Instead, the builders designed the home around a particularly beautiful existing one. Looking to learn more? It’s located on Bear Run.

Finally, you wouldn’t think that an aerospace giant would be behind such a unique and dynamic space, but that was surely the case at the Boeing 727 hotel in Costa Rica. Historically, it was a key location for those flying between Columbia and South America, but that switftly changed when the flight changed to arrive at the San Jose airport. Instead of losing out on beautiful and extensive land, it was purchased for a mere @2k and recycled into a beautiful home in Costa Rica.

It’s inspiring, isn’t it? And hopefully it starts the important conversation that when you work with the teams like the Valley Windows team, a better view is possible and so is your dream home.