Moving? Here’s What You Need to Check off Your List

Moving Checklist“Live where your feet are planted”.

It’s one of our favourite quotes because the Valley Windows team loves to help you with your windows and doors, but we also care greatly about your home at large. And to that point, we know the effort that goes into ending one chapter and starting another. Moving is obviously one of these and that’s why it’s one of the themes that we generate advice around on a regular basis here on the Valley Windows blog. Heading straight into 2022, here’s what we’re thinking about the best ways to set yourself up for success if you’re planning on transitioning from one residence to the next.

First of all,… you need to get excited! This is a big deal and if you don’t have a big grin on your face already, then you’re behind the game. You’re starting a new chapter and enthusiasm is a key ingredient in the recipe for what’s in your path moving forward.

Have you done all of your homework around packers and movers?

Think about your budget and where you want it to be spent. You have a hundred different combinations of options – do you want to focus your money on movers? Do you want to spend it on those who can pack everything up for you? Or both? All of the above are possible and there are more and more companies and contractors that can help make them a reality. In fact, more and more are getting more creative about the services that they offer – including a la carte services that even tailor to your pets and your plants.

Have you thought through everything on the other side?

Aka, will you be set up for success in your new home, in an abundance of ways? Do you have dinner planned for the first night? Do you have a fun activity in the new neighbourhood (or maybe current neighbourhood) as something for you to look forward to? The ultimate success story here is that you’re excited when you move in. There’s a reason that moving is even higher on the stress list than divorce or other life events. And we want to help you ensure that that’s not the case for you and your loved ones. Even if it’s something as simple as a dinner out the first evening or an exercise class that you know is in your area and that you’re passionate about, you’re good to go.

Have you planned ahead to design your house as your home?

To our first point, you want to think ahead and whether it’s something as simple as paint colours, anything to get you excited makes us excited.

You know what’s great? You’re working with the best of the best, and we will always be there to help with whatever you need.