5 New Year Home Maintenance Tips for 2023

5 New Year Home Maintenance Tips for 2023After the festivities of New Year’s Eve, we start a new chapter of our lives with a fresh perspective and motivation. One of the best ways to start the new year is by cleaning your surroundings and caring for your environment. Your resolutions and new beginnings can start with the simple act of maintaining your house.

1. Restock Cleaning Supplies

Before starting the big New Year clean-up, gather up all your current cleaning supplies and check what needs restocking. Deep cleaning your house is much faster and easier when using the right cleaning supplies.

Invest in good quality cleaning tools and detergents, as cheap ones might set your efforts back. Good squeegees, microfiber rags, specially formulated detergents and the latest cleaning appliances will save you money in the long run. You can also consider replacing your vacuum cleaner bags and inspecting your cleaning tools.

2. Deep Clean Your Kitchen

If you’ve had friends and family over and done some cooking, your kitchen will likely need a good cleaning. To start the new year afresh, ensure that you clean all the corners and hidden spots in your kitchen. Take this chance to discard any food items that are going bad and to take note of the food you have remaining in your pantry and fridge. This can help to make your first grocery trips of the year much more organized.

3. Beautify Your Bathroom

Bathrooms also need care and maintenance at the start of the new year. Now is the time to refresh the items that are not looking so appealing anymore. An example would be replacing your shower curtain and bathroom mats and buying new, fluffy towels.

For a more budget-friendly approach, wash your shower curtains and bathmats in the washing machine. Follow the instructions on the label carefully to prevent any damage. Don’t forget to inspect your shower grout and glass for any mould or damage and new grout and replace any damaged fixtures or glass.

4. Alarms and Detectors

You might forget about your alarms and detectors as you go about your daily life. A New Year clean-up can be a good opportunity to check all your smoke detectors, gas sensors and any other alarms that keep you safe and healthy. Put new batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and test each one. If you have a CCTV system, ensure that you check to see if it’s still working well.

5. Inspect Your Doors and Windows

You should check the state of your doors and windows every year. Ensure they open and close smoothly and look for mould, condensation or rust. Make a visual inspection of the rubber seals and plan a replacement if you notice any cracks. Check for gaps around the window framing and signs of water infiltration or air leaks. If your windows are no longer in good shape, you may want to consider replacing them with new custom windows that meet your needs.

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