The Perfect Nook: Window Seating

The Perfect Nook Window SeatingMost homes have clearly defined areas, each with its own functions. Besides the classic structure of the living space, you can personalise your home further by adding special little corners and nooks.

There are many ways to add more appealing areas to your home. Imagine multi-functional spaces like built-in shelving for an in-home library, “snoozing” corners like teepees, secret rooms for kids to retreat to, sunrooms, or even a cosy window seat.┬áIn this post, we take a closer look at window seats and how you can add them to your home.

Different Types of Window Seats

A window seat is a bench placed at the base of a window, usually nestled in a deeper nook that provides a cosy, intimate space for looking out the window or enjoying a hobby. Spending time inside the house is best when you do something enjoyable, and it often means having some quiet moments by yourself.

A window seat usually fits one person comfortably, but you can sometimes fit up to two more people in this space, depending on the size of your window. Window seats are built-in into the window nook, creating a wide seating area that can double up as storage space. Some of the most common types of window seats include:

Standard Built-in Window Seat

Built-in window seats are often set in an existing alcove that is deep enough to accommodate a bench or added to a standard window by creating a frame around it.

Bay Window Seat

Bay windows are directed outwards to offer a better view of the outdoors. A bay window seat is perfect for basking in the sunlight and enjoying the garden view.

Sleeper Window Seat

If you want to keep the style simple and rustic, you can add a sleeper window seat. It serves its purpose without overwhelming the area with too much upholstery and shelving. This style works best when you don’t have enough depth to add a divan-style bench.

Where Should a Window Seat Be?

You can set your window seat where you have the best view and where it’s quiet enough for reading or hobbies. A window seat can be installed in the bedroom, living room, and even in a large bathroom with a view.

6 Reasons to Add a Window Seat

  • Additional seating: perfect for when you have guests.
  • A quiet sanctuary: retreat to your window corner anytime you want some quiet time.
  • The perfect view: enjoy the view for as long as you want while sitting comfortably.
  • Reading nook: add some shelves to get the ideal reading area.
  • Stylish storage: get additional hidden storage inside the bench and around it.
  • Design factor: details like window seats add value to your home and show an inclination toward interior design.

Window Seating and More

There are many ways to install a window seat. You can renovate the whole window to accommodate a seat or upgrade an existing window to include this feature, but speaking to a suitably qualified Melbourne builder is a must.

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