Pergolas: What Are They and Why Should You Build One?

Pergolas What Are They and Why Should You Build OneSpending time outdoors plays a big part in feeling energised and calm, connecting with nature and allowing you to unwind. For homeowners with enough outdoor space in the garden or yard, adding a well-thought outdoor space for entertainment and leisure is a good investment.

Pergolas are some of the most popular shading structures for your outdoor space and are a versatile way to extend your living area. But what exactly is a pergola, and why should you build one?

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas have been around for centuries, being used in Italy for years by homeowners to create partial shade for lounging. They are traditionally made of wood beams and are typically open structures with an open crossbeam or lattice roof covering that allows some light to pass through.

A pergola creates a delimited space where you can add couches and benches or even an outdoor dining area with a table and chairs. It allows you to enjoy a direct view of the surrounding landscape and fresh air circulating freely.

Pergola Vs. Pavilion

The main difference between a pergola and a pavilion is the roof. Both are freestanding outdoor structures for your garden or yard, and they most often have open sides. However, the pergola typically has a slated, open roof, while a pavilion has a full roof.

Pergola Vs. Gazebo

Pergolas and gazebos usually extend your outdoor living space further away from the main building. The gazebo differentiates itself from the other two by having a round, hexagonal or octagonal shape. Pergolas and pavilions are square or rectangular.

Pergola Pros and Cons


  • Pergolas are often affordable structures because of their simplicity.
  • They create versatile shade that promotes the growth of greenery.
  • You can easily add a mobile awning or canopy to your pergola when you need more shade.


  • The amount of shade provided by a pergola may vary depending on the time of day.
  • Its roof may also allow debris to fall through, and you will be exposed to insects, dust, or other annoyances.
  • You will need to maintain your wooden pergola regularly. You can do so by treating it against termites, moisture, and other factors to prevent damage.

Pergola Perfection

Pergolas have been around for centuries, but you can improve their design according to your needs, like outdoor lighting or a retractable canopy for a more sheltered and intimate outdoor space. And while pergolas are traditionally free-standing, you can attach them to your home to create a simple shadedx` cover for your patio or deck.

Can You Enclose a Pergola?

If you love the idea of adding a pergola but you’re not sure about the open sides, you can enclose yours with aluminium windows or timber windows. Doing so can create a more permanent structure that extends the indoor area while still giving you an opening to the surrounding nature. Add double-glazed windows and sliding doors to control the light and airflow, and you can have a fabulous multi-seasonal pergola to enjoy all year round.

If you’re looking to enclose your pergola, Valley Windows is here to help. Our team has decades of experience in manufacturing doors and custom windows in the Melbourne area. Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote on your window and sliding door needs