How to Perk up Your Windows

How to Perk up Your WindowsWelcome to the Valley Windows blog! If you’re a regular visitor, you know that we’re committed to providing you a better view. That means premium windows and doors and the team to provide the installations behind them. We founded this blog as a mechanism to showcase the love that we have. Not just for windows and doors, but for the buildings that we elevate with our services. This may mean homes and it may mean businesses. Regardless, it means that you’re going to receive best in class service and a passion for the buildings whose views we’re helping take to the next level.

We’ve touched on this before, but while the windows are the main event, there are a bunch of different ways that you can help perk them up. When you perk up your windows, you are adding a ton of value to your structure in a myriad of ways. You’re adding curb appeal, which is the biggest win. That means that those who walk by are piqued by interest to take a second look at your home. You’re also adding financial value to your home because curb appeal feeds right into this. Insider secret – while we all know that structural foundation, longevity, inside accents, etc., all are the real reason that you should buy a home, there is a huge population that will buy solely because your home looks pretty. One of the best ways to do this? Perk up those windows!

On to the actual topic of this post. How does one perk up their windows? Well, the first step is that you explore shutters. We recommend that you pick a shutter colour that either pairs with your exterior paint shade, or contrasts well. It just depends on your personality. Are you someone that works well with bright colours? If so, there are a bundle of different resources that you can take advantage of on the World Wide Web to support the best partnership between your shutters and your home. Bonus points for your door – it’s another opportunity to parlay your personality into a piece of your architecture.

Let’s talk about what colours work best. If you have a white home, you may want to explore either bright tones like red or yellow, you can also look into forest green or navy as a good juxtaposition. If you have a grey home, you should think about Kelly green or royal blue. If you have a brick home, you have a wider range to work with. Pick your favourite colour and you’re set up for success.

The next step is curtains. They’re important functionally, but they’re also a fun additional opportunity to display your personality. Explore patterns, explore texture, explore the thickness of the material. You can play with light if the curtains are lighter and you’ll be set up for success if you appreciate a lack of light with darker curtains.

We have far more on this topic. Stay tuned for more important updates on this topic and news from the Valley Windows team.