Pet Friendly Homes

Pet Friendly HomesThere are topics that the Valley Windows team will always return to – mainly because we’re passionate about them, and partially because we’re probably trying to push a bit of an agenda. Today is both, but for good reason. We all love our furry (or maybe not furry) friends, right? We want them to have the best place to come home to at the end of the day – (who are we kidding, they’re probably living the life of luxury) and appreciate us even more than they normally do. We’re talking about pets. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat lover, an any sort of animal lover, you want to take certain considerations into account when either purchasing or renovating a home. While experts in giving you a better view, the Valley Windows team is also adept at helping you make your house the best home it can be. Read on for our tips and tricks.

Let’s be honest, it’s their world, we just pay for it. So our customers should be considerate and logical about enhancements that you’re making to a current home and/or strategic if you’re designing a brand new one. We’ve gotten a lot of questions over the years about a few key projects. They won’t break the bank and you’ll certainly get a return on your investment. They include:

Pet shower or tub – we’re guessing you have some sort of laundry area in your abode. It doesn’t need to be large or fancy, but if you have the means, maybe think about incorporating a tub that’s waist-high for a human into it. You can bathe them without the commute to a groomer or vet, save lots of money in the long run and you’ll be able to immediately put them into a towel and in a comfortable place (maybe even looking out of the Valley Windows windows).

A specific nook or space for your pet – if you haven’t already, you’ll probably quickly notice that our pets have specific routines or habits. They’ll return from a jaunt and immediately veer towards a place where they feel most comfortable. All this space needs is a bed and a blanket. Bonus points if this is where they eat or drink because they’ll be even more incentivized to return here. The key is to make it smell both like them and like you, it will remind them more and more of home. There’s no right or wrong on location; your pet may not like wooden floors or may not like stairs. We recommend lots of natural light and a close proximity to you.

Flooring – the Valley Windows team works with an abundance of prolific contractors in the area who are great at assessing the current state of your floors, understanding your needs and making recommendations. What we can tell you is that from day one of being a pet parent, you’ll want to be acutely aware of their claws if they have any and what that may mean for your home. This is not something that you want to fall by the wayside; it can have considerable implications for the resale of your home down the line.

Questions? The Valley Windows team is always here.