Pets and Your Windows

Pets and Your WindowsWe love our pets – no doubt about it. If you’ve had one, think about your first. We’re hoping that the memories that are top of mind are only the best. If you have one right now, we’re hoping and betting that you have memories of the same sort. One of the priorities of all of us that are pet-owners at the Valley Windows company is safety. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your pets running across the street or spending too much time lethargic in one place, once you have one for long enough, they’re a priority.

We’re in the business of designing and installing the best windows and doors in the business and that means that we want to properly care for them and maintain their durability and premium functionality. What does that have to do with pets, you may say?

There are fewer things better than relaxing next to a window – be it during the dead of winter because you’re enjoying looking outside at any snow, or during the warmer months because you can swing the window open and experience the breeze and the pleasant sun. Let’s focus on the latter… open windows present the largest challenge when you have pets – large or small. If they’re smaller, they can easily sneak out without you noticing. If they’re larger, they most likely to have the strength and size to jump out of a window that is left unattended.

Here’s what we recommend:

Short answer: screens. We either offer solutions or we can help recommend vendors that will be able to source the best answer for you and your property. With screens, especially in warmer months, you can feel more comfortable leaving them open. Just ensure that if you’re leaving, and leaving your pet at home alone, you have a solution so that prowlers can’t get in and your pets can’t get out.

That brings us to our other recommendation – security systems and heating slash cooling systems. If the windows that your pets frolic to are on the ground floor and you’re someone that either works all day or even just has an errand to run, don’t keep these windows on the ground floor open. It’s not worth it for many different reasons.

Finally, if you’re a household that’s trained your pet in any capacity, work into your plan a space adjacent to a beautiful view that’s safe and comfortable for them. If you convince them that they have the best seat in the house, they’ll be far less likely to want to leave and hop up against an open window.

The great thing is, working with the Valley Windows team, we’ll not only offer you a better view (read: the best view), but also a safe one. There’s no one size fits all solution, but we can guarantee that when you connect with us, we’ll be able to help with personalized windows and doors, so that you feel secure and very proud of your home.