A Door to Another World: 3 Places with the Most Beautiful Doors

3 Places with the Most Beautiful DoorsToday, we don’t think of a door as anything more than a mundane house structure. But, since their beginnings in Ancient Egypt, doors have been much more than an entrance to a building. In traditional architecture, doors are often adorned with symbols and decorations. They show the owner’s status, wealth, beliefs, and personality. Doors carry symbolism and culture, making them perfect for modern-day travel treasure hunts.

1. Mdina, Malta

Travelling to Mdina, Malta is like travelling back in time. There is very little modern architecture, and historic buildings are incredibly well-preserved. The doors you can find in Mdina are not only beautiful to look at, but they tell a lot about the inhabitants of the home.

It is not uncommon to see colourful doors in Malta, from teal and rose to bright red and green. They often match the blinds of the timber windows. A doorway is often a place of meeting for the locals, where they gather and discuss late in the evening, gossip, and share laughs.

One of the most charming details of these doors is the Maltese doorknocker: Il-Habbata. Here you can find the most creative brass or iron knockers: lion heads, Maltese crosses, dolphins, fish, or Celtic designs.

2. Jaipur, India

You can find some of the most beautiful doors in the world in Jaipur, India. The more famous examples are the gates of the City Palace, which are themed around the four seasons and are intricately decorated with Hindu gods and nature symbols.

These royal gates are dedicated to the gods and evoke changes in nature. Each season brings wealth and prosperity, and the gates celebrate this bounty with incredible, colourful designs.

Looking further beyond the City Palace, Jaipur has countless other beautiful doors on its streets. Walking around the city gives you a unique perspective on its culture, vitality, and vibrance.

A Door to History

Doors were often ways of telling and preserving stories. The doors and gates of public buildings showed the importance and value of that institution. Private doors reveal many things about the homeowner and send a message to the passer-by.

The material, structure, size, colour, accessories, and placement of a door are carefully chosen when building the house. They make a statement and an introduction to what you will find inside.

3. Kathmandu, Nepal

The capital of Nepal is an open-air museum of traditional architecture, showcasing more than a millennium of culture and history. It is a breathtaking experience to walk amongst the century-old buildings as you immerse in this real-life proof of the vibrant life inside its walls and out on its streets.

The doors of Kathmandu are as varied as you can get, ranging from modern, Western influences to very traditional designs that haven’t changed in centuries. The shiny aluminium windows of office buildings contrast with the wooden, decades-old gates nearby. You can admire weathered, simple doors with many layers of chipped paint and intricate decorations evoking religious and cultural references.

Choosing a Door for Your Home

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