Places You Shouldn’t Put Windows

Places You Shouldn’t Put WindowsThe team at Valley Windows has a habit of preaching about the value of windows. We love designing them, we love constructing them, we love installing them – you could say that we’re in this business for a reason. You run into many companies where their passion about their particular product is all that you’ll get out of your experience. That’s totally fine for some, but lower than the expected baseline of customer service for us. For us, information-sharing is vital, especially right now, when there are so many questions out there. Anything to do with your home, especially if it’s a new one for you, is a big deal, and you shouldn’t have to think otherwise. But instead of being stressed about new projects or backing away because you have so many hesitations – reach out to the Valley Windows team or visit our blog. We’re sure you’ll find the information you’re looking for.

Back to our original statement and the purpose of today’s post. Normally we talk about where to put windows… today, we’re talking about where not to put them. Read on for more information.

There is a lot of value to split-level homes as well as any sub-street level spaces. These include basements, sometimes garages – you get the picture. Allow these lower levels to provide this value, but don’t feel the need to force windows into them. At the most basic level, you’re not going to get any sort of view. They can also make you feel more unsafe, as those trespassing have an easier purview near them.

The jury is out on windows in restroom spaces. There are beautiful examples all over the world of outdoor showers, or indoor-outdoor bathrooms. If it’s intentional and it fits your design aesthetic, go for it. But, if we’re talking about a specific view in, say on the second storey, and that could be avoided – ditch the bathroom windows. There are other ways to provide natural lighting and still allow you privacy.

We mention garages above in the “sub-street level spaces”, but also feel like they need their own shout out. This is a place where you store items that may be extra valuable to you, as well as any vehicles you have. Your cars and items aren’t relishing the views of the street or your yard, and you’re putting on display what’s nearest and dearest to you.

Finally, in the same vein as restroom spaces, we don’t frequently gravitate towards recommending our premium windows in any closets or dressing rooms. At first, you may think they make total sense, right? Natural lighting will ensure that you never leave the house without feeling confident. Well… again, there are lighting fixtures and schemes that can help you achieve this, without reducing your privacy.

Questions? Let us know. The Valley Windows team can’t wait to hear from you and work on providing a better view. And as always, please keep you and yours safe.